Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte meeting with the Filipino community in indonesia
Ballroom B & C, Shangri-La Hotel, Indonesia
09 September 2016
Kindly sit down. Thank you. Maraming salamat po. Kindly sit down.

I’d like to introduce my entourage for this trip to Indonesia: Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., and the other members of the Cabinet. I might want really to just… pangalanan ko na lang isa’t isa.

With me here is my National Security Adviser General Esperon [applause]; with him is a Mindanaoan, grew up in Parang at isang heneral ito, he was assigned many, many years ago sa Davao, nagkakilala kami, he brought it the one battalion of the second regiment of the Philippine Scout Rangers, si Delfin Lorenzana [applause]; and you have the maverick governor of North Cotabato, Governor Piñol; and of course you know Ambassador; and ‘yung naka-porma ng de-kwatro [laughter], ang aking Presidential Legal Adviser si – ‘di ko na pakilala sa’yo – Sal Panelo [applause]; then we have si Senator Alan Cayetano [applause]; and another Cabinet member, taga-Davao rin ‘to, Sonny Dominguez [applause]; he used to be the Secretary of Agriculture ng panahon ni Cory and he was once upon a time the president of PAL, Philippine Airlines; nandito ang isang Cabinet member, si, about Mindanao, si [inaudible] [applause]; you have Ramon Lopez of the Department of Trade and Industry [applause]; si Judy Taguiwalo of the [DSWD] [applause]; si ating taga-Davao rin, Jesus Dureza of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process [applause]; at si ang ating magiting na taga-Mindanao, si Andanar [applause].

You know, I, coming over here, galling sa itaas, in the elevator, I was just playing with my mind what would be the appropriate topic to talk to you. Well, just the same. It’s the burning issue here. It was the issue before, and ‘yung pagtakbo ko ng presidente under the almost moribund PDP.

Ang miyembro lang niyan si Senator Koko pati ‘yung tatay niya, si Pimentel. But I ran under the ticket with only about tatlong governors, at wala akong… except for—Wala akong mayor ni isa, ni wala akong barangay captain ni isa, even in Davao. ‘Di na kailangan. But in other places, naka—zero, zero talaga ako.

And, twice I wanted to just… I do not want to run. But then, the last moment, I was a substitute candidate and I agreed to run on a substitution, the last minute, the last day for the substitution.

Alam mo, ganito kasi ‘yan. Nobody in the horizon of the political arena was talking about the seriousness of the drug problem. Nobody was talking about the number of crimes committed against the innocent and hapless civilians, everywhere. Nobody was talking about graft and corruption.

Basta ‘yung kanila, ‘yung mabuti, anong maganda na gagawin nila pag nahalal sila. Wala naman nagkwe-kwento — and you were the listeners on these days — kung anong gawin nila sa problema nila, anong problema natin ngayon.

So, I… You must have heard that I was the favorite whipping boy, until now sa drugs. Because ikaw naman kasi, kung mayor ka, wala namang maniwala sa siyudad ko sa Davao City and even elsewhere, pag sinabi mo lang, “huminto kayo kasi bawal ‘yan.”

It was so widespread and it acquired the mindset of impunity. ‘Yung bahala na, may pulis diyan, binabayaran, basta may mga heneral. Sila na mismo. And it was being run from the outside. ‘Yung sabihin ninyong “Where’s the big fish?” There ain’t any in the Philippines. Doon sa labas ‘yan.

I cannot name the country because I do not… we’re still talking to everybody. But we have on the national matrix, ‘yung mga mukha, walang mukha, pangalan lang, alias. And they are running the operation of the drugs sa Pilipinas, doon sa kanilang… Meron rin silang malaking mapa, digital. At tinatawag lang nila and they can zoom in, “i-zoom in mo sa Pandacan, ayan may tindahan diyan, diyan mo i-deliver tapos doon sa isang kanto, i-click mo nga, o diyan kunin mo ‘yung bayad” ganon e. Ang nandon sa Pilipinas were the lieutenants and the garbage collectors. Ang tawag nila kasi basura eh, ang sa distribution sa streets nila.

So there was really no way we can cope up with that kind of situation. And I was… a now famous actress on a short run of an X-rated film. Binibira ako niya palagi and I know then and I know now that talagang… Alam mo palaki ng ulo eh. Lumaki ang ulo at nag-ambisyon nang maaga.

Sometimes, it can really destroy you. In their desire, binibira ako nang binibira, [inaudible], reputation for a notorious—Eh hinayaan ko lang siya. Pero sa Davao, kasi walang maniwala. Sinabi ko na, you know if you did in Davao, if you are a drug pusher, if you’re a criminal, if you’re a kidnapper, gun for hire, I will kill you. Wala na tayong istorya diyan at talagang sabi ko, wala na. And so, but sabi ko sa kanila, if you have the evidence, file the case in court, doon na lang kayo mag-istorya, ‘wag na dito. Kasi wala naman talaga silang ebidensya eh. Ebidensya nila o… Baril ka pala pag may tao.

Well, anyway. That’s the only way. But it was not until I became the President of the Republic of the Philippines nang lumabas ang totoo. It was the naked truth that was really very, very terrifying. Two years before, sabi ng PDEA, Drug Enforcement Agency: There were about three million already infected with drugs.

‘Nong umupo ako, at inipit ko na ang lahat, nilabas ko na ‘yung mga pangalan, pati ‘yung mga heneral, labas na ang totoo. It turn out thousands were turning in, surrendering, or just going to do the police and saying “magpa-rehab kami.”

So, and there were about 700,000. ‘Yun lang lumabas at ‘yun natakot, for whatever reason really wanted a rehabilitation. So how do you cope up with 3,700,000 addicts in this country?

You must remember that I went in, in the service of the government, and I was operating on a budget— alam man ninyo ‘yan – that was prepared the previous year. So ‘yung budget ko ngayon, does not include treatment or rehabilitation or structures for the 3,700,000. Hindi ako makadagdag ng budget. Wala naman supplemental budget.

So ino-operate ko ‘yung… that was prepared by the Aquino administration the previous year, para to operate, to run the government. Now, walang kasali diyan at hindi natin alam na ganon pala kalala ang problema sa droga ng Pilipinas.

I was with President Widodo. “Mr. President, what’s the dimension of your problem?” “Me in Indonesia, I have four million drug addicts.” Eh sabi ko, “nauna ka lang pala nang ilang thousand.”

And we were really very worried at ganito ‘yan eh. I never made a statement here. Do not believe that. There was never any interview here. But kung nag-spin itong media. That’s why I said, if you are really, my advice to you, magkaibigan lang – for whatever reason, what can you say, kung anong masabi mo, they can spin stories several times over and all lies.

I never confronted Obama here. I do not know him. Before taking off sa Davao, nag-call ako ng press con.

Alam mo ganito ‘yan, itong mga yellow [laughter]. May jaundice e [applause]. At itong mga taga-State Department, walang… at mabasa ninyo, when you see the Philippine news that they were trying to crucify me for the extrajudicial killing.

At sabi ganon, I will be investigated by the international court. Hinayaan ko lang. Sabi ko: United States why? Why should I answer them? Eh bakit? So ‘yung ganon. And then, there will be a certain time that Obama will ask me about the human rights problem in— Sinabi ko: I do not answer to anybody except to Filipino people [applause]. I’m only responsible to you.

Kaya sabi ko, who he? ‘Yan ang sinabi ko. If somebody brings it out, and that was at the airport in Davao City, it would be an act of disrespect, bastos ‘yan. ‘Yun lang ang sinabi ko. And you can review the tapes. Hindi ko sinabing… [laughter]

May sinabi ako pero not in relation to Obama. Sabi ko: ‘Wag ninyo akong bastusin. Putang ina niyo. Bababuyin ko kayo doon [laughter]. ‘Yun man ang sinabi ko and you can review the tapes.

Because about yesterday, si Ed Lingao. ‘Yung breaking news, naglagay doon ng statement na minura ko daw si Obama. Ed Lingao, just also read it from the report from the correspondent in Davao. Ni-review niya. Siya ‘yung anchor eh. Then he found out, nandiyan sa Facebook, he apologized. Because I never made any reference to Obama. Eh pinapaaway lang…

Itong mga Pilipino naman… You can just imagine, you can write an article about the President of the Republic of the Philippines being put to task, but even if it is true na talagang pinatay ko lahat. Putang ina, hindi ako sasagot sa iyo. Wala akong pakialam. Who are you? Bakit, naliitan ka ba sa akin? Eh ‘yung iba. Not me.

Kaya ano… Sinabi ko sa kanya doon sa holding room: “President Obama, I’m President Duterte. I never made that statement. Check it out. Check it out.” “My men will talk to you” Sabi ko, “okay.”

Pero doon kahapon sa interaction na ASEAN with East Asia, nandon na lahat. Round table kami. Sabi ko, itong si Ban Ki Moon, mentioned it in passing. Well of course, it’s an illegitimate statement actually. Pero ako, because of the pressure, na para huminto na sila, sabi ko: Since human rights was mentioned, I produced a few pages with pictures in the pacification campaign by the Americans at the turn of century, 1900s, the 600 population, all Muslims, 600,000 Muslims, 6,000 were murdered. They were just buried in a common pit. Naghukay lang tapos ‘yung mga sundalo pinapatungan pa ‘yung dibdib ng babae na nakahubad. This is human rights. What do you intend to do? Do not tell me that is water under the bridge. A human rights violation whether committed by Moses or Abraham is still a violation of human rights. When was this philosophy about the human dignity and the human rights evolved? Now or during this time?

Eh, tumahimik sila. I was—Kasi ako handa na ako, I was waiting for Obama to respond. Eh dito, abogado ‘to, abogado tayo. Pareho man tayo abogado. [inaudible] Wala…

And that was the only encounter, that was the only exchange at the holding room. And I said: “I never made that statement. Check it out.” And then doon na-pika na talaga ako, tapusin na natin ‘tong issue about the human righta, takut-takutin mo ako.

Itong kasing State Department para itong mga ulol na nag-sama-sama diyan. Para bang… Well it… Kung tayo, violation. Sa kanila, hindi. ‘Yung mga tao nandoon sa ano, pinagpapatay ng pulis, nakahiga lang sa– At ang hindi nila alam ‘yung lahat ng tao doon, hindi kanila.

Indonesia has a death penalty, with President Widodo stood his ground. And I salute him. Cambodia, Cambodia is a satellite of… China. Laos is, kanila ‘yan satellite. China nandiyan lang ‘yan sila sa periphery. And even Thailand. Death penalty lahat ‘yan.

Tayo, walang death penalty. So sinong magbigay ng death penalty? Eh ‘di si Duterte [laughter and applause]. Sabi nila. Ngayon kung may media ng Pilipinas, ‘yan putulin ‘yan. Sabi ni Duterte, siya. ‘Yung “sabi nila” wala na ‘yan. Ganon ang media. Be careful, be very careful about the media. Hindi ako nang-ano, experience. I’ve been the mayor of the City of Davao for 23 years. I’ve been congressman there once and once upon a time, I served for three years to be the vice mayor of my daughter. ‘Yung isa ring human rights violator ‘yun, binugbog ‘yung sheriff.

Pero, there was never, never any—Now, ito ngayon. What am I supposed to do? China offered to help and build the rehab. I think they have started on Magsaysay, and they’re bringing the materials there already. It’s only China na nagtulong sa atin. Magtulong. Ang America, they just give you principles of law and nothing else. Wala man akong away sa America. But don’t ever believe that they are… Susmaryosep.

Hindi nila alam ‘yung lahat doon, pati ito si Ban Ki Moon, nakihalo. He also gave his statement before, but several weeks ago about the human rights violation.

Sabi ko, isa ka pang tarantado. Kaya nag-speech siya, may human rights pero tapos [inaudible] ganon kaagad siya [inaudible]. Sabi ko, there has to be a limit to one’s patience sa ano…

Never gave any statement here. I made a statement, statement of fact doon mismo sa plenary. ‘Yung kami-kami na lang. Pinalabas ‘yung mga camera, lahat, press. Kami lang. Sila, si Jun Yasay, si Panelo and the two generals, nandoon sila. And I think Sonny Dominguez was there. So they were squirming at first. Pero ako, walang nakaalam na ‘yung speech ko hindi ko binasa. When it was handed to me, it was General Esperon who handed it to me. “This is my speech,” tinapon ko nang ganon, kung makinig kayo sa akin. Mahusay ako sa inyong lahat. Anak ng puta… [applause].

Sabihin ko sana: Ako, I’ve been in politics for 40 years. I never lost an election. I became president. I really don’t know what happened basta nandito na ako ngayon sa harap ninyo [applause].

Wala akong extra achievement. It took me seven years to graduate from high school. Ang kababata ko, Sonny Dominguez. He’s the brightest. Kababata ko dito, Yasay, puro Davao ‘to. Mga kababata, Dureza. Dureza, ano ‘to, valedictorian.

Sonny, he was… grade 1 kami hanggang high school. Kasi sa grade… second year, na-expelled na ako. Pinaalis ako ng Ateneo. Sabi ng pari, “Umalis ka.” ‘Di, o sige. Umalis ako. Punta akong Digos. It used to be a municipality; it was only one Davao that time.

Then from there, isang ikot pa ako sa mga eskwelahan. It took me seven years. Kaya ‘yung nanay ko in desperation. Eh ‘yung mga bisaya, if you’d notice, aming Visayan culture. Pag sinabihan ka, “hanggang pantalan ka lang.” ‘Di ba? So bugoy ka. Kargador ka [inaudible].

“Ah, wala pantalan lang ‘to.” And that was what my father used to say. The sad thing is he never, he never got to see me emotionally maturing. To his death, akala nila, akala niya pantalan lang talaga ako. Wala akong magawa.

Eh sabi nga ng nanay ko, “o, narinig mo ‘yung tatay mo, anong sinabi niya?” Sabi ko, “hanggang pantalan lang daw ako ma.” “O hanggang pantalan ka lang talaga.” Sabi ko, ”okay man ma, basta bayaran lang ako sa kinarga ko.” [laughter] Okay naman sa akin ‘yan.

So itong… I have assembled the best of, puro– Art Tugade. Classmate ko ‘yan San Beda. He was a valedictorian. Ako last lang. Ako consistent ako ha, 75, hanggang… Ako lang ang walang honor. Sila lahat almost nag-graduate… Panelo. Sonny, naging president sa PAL. Ito mga president ng… Pero ako ang pinaka-president sa kanila [laughter] Kasi trabahante ko sila eh. Kaya ‘wag kayong mamadali. ‘Yung high school na ‘yan, take your time. [laughter] It’s like wine, you have to have that vintage…

Well, anyway disgrasya lang naman talaga itong lahat. I don’t know if God has a purpose for me. Pero sasabihin ko sa inyo, kung hindi ako nanalo, delikado talaga ang… Why? I’ll tell you, ‘yan si Garbo, general, was the military aide of Roxas. Susmaryosep.

Hindi lalabas ang by the thousands… ‘Nong nakita nila puro tumba na, patay dito, isang gabi 15 killed, naglabasan lahat. Paano ‘yung pinatay? ‘Yan ang problema ng United Nations. Hindi ko talaga alam paano pinatay ‘yan.

But what I know is that almost, to date, 1,000. But… sabihin ko sa’yo. What is really 1,000 lives to the 3,700,000? Ang problema namin kasi ni Presidente Widodo is, you know, ang cocaine pati heroin, is maybe, marijuana, all organic, naturally grown.

Itong shabu, methamphetamine, is a combination of deadly chemicals. Ang tubig ginagamit niyan magluto ka ng shabu, ‘yung tubig ng baterya sasakyan mo. It’s really acid.

Sabi ng forensics ng Amerika, hindi atin, six months to one year it will shrink your brain and therefore rehabilitation is no longer viable. So what I am supposed to do with these crazy zombies running loose? That is why the most heinous crime, nakita niyo… Tayong, edad ko, wala. Marijuana. But when shabu came in, the most heinous crime, the heinous crime of all crimes, mag-rape ng one-year old na bata, mag-rape ng nanay niya, lola niya, patayin niya tatay niya.

You know, ang problema lang kasi nitong human rights, ‘di nila alam, you know this crazy thing will create so many dysfunctional family.

Pag may isa kang anak nasa droga, maghiwalay, maghiwalay ang asawa niyan. Sige, nanakaw ng bagay sa’yo ‘yan. And you know, if you put people at risk, kasi ‘yan naglalakad, hindi mo naman… anak ng mga mayaman. Gaya ng mga estudyante, kami noon. Kami dito, estudyante man kami. Puro probinsyano man ito. Except Sonny maybe. Kami lakad kami. Holdapin (hold-up) ka. Tapos ‘yung babae diyan basta na lang naka-parking, pati pulis sumali sa kalokohan. Lagyan ng droga.

Ikaw ang nanay ‘non, sabihin ng anak sa iyo, “Pa, Ma, anong kinalaman ninyo, bakit gumagamit ng ano?” Sabihin ng pulis, “Eh nakita namin ‘yan sa kotse niya.” Kasi pagbukas ihuhulog. Kasi pati ang pulis, putang ina nakasawsaw. Kaya ako galit, pati pulis talagang pinapatay ko, putang ina ninyo. Leche kayo. Mauna kayo.

Pulis ka, nandiyan ka sa droga? Siguro mga pulis naman, sobra 50 na. Tang ina. ‘Yan ang ayaw ko. It has destroyed the fabric of our society. It has created a dysfunctional family here and there and eventually it will destroy the generation, that’s why I said, I will — if you do drugs in this country — I will kill you. Why? Because you will destroy a whole of the generation. Ang ating mga anak… Iilan lang naman kayo nasa labas na talagang you can supervise the education and the way your daughters and sons study and live.

But, karamihan doon, just like sa, in the Middle East, there are millions of Filipinos working outside, both husband and wife, and they work their ass to death to earn money, to send to their children to school back home. Only to realize that when they come, his daughter is hooked to drugs. And the son or… is rape, killed. So they’re forever afraid of what’s happening at home.
Kaya sinabi ko, I will try to—Pag ako na-presidente, I will promise you a clean government and a clean Philippines [applause].

And I have six years to do it and even if it will take me the whole of the six years, I will do it. It will be relentless. I am sorry if you die in the process. But all you have to do, my advice, is very simple: Stop. And if your son or daughter is already crazy with the shrank brain, my advice to you is — pending the completion of the rehab centers which you are really trying to build now, next year meron na because we are preparing the budget now. Then next year, when it is on operation, I will have the money to build for the 3,600,000 drug addicts of our country.

Now China is helping us. I would like to thank China for being so generous to us. And I would like to thank President Widodo for understanding. And I’m here to get an agreement with him because there is so much piracy in the seas, in the high seas between Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Maybe I will have… even just a memorandum of a note verbale, where we can agree that hot pursuit— those pirates that are being chased out of the territorial waters of Indonesia and in the high seas and towards the jurisdictional waters of the Philippines — they can, they have the right to go in.

So when the chase is started, and even… Well, in the high seas, the rule ng, sa international waters is this: If you are a pirate, you can be arrested by any nation because piracy is a crime against humanity.

But this time, we make it clear that if the chase began in Indonesia here, then crosses, the chase continues in the international waters and if they are really fast enough also, inside now the Philippine waters, they can go ahead and blast them off. That’s the agreement. Pasabugin mo na. That’s what I… that’s one of my words actually to, seated with President Widodo.
And I said, blow them up. If there’s a hostage, usually it is a, the sailors, then I will just have to, maybe [inaudible] in, and arrest them, and execute them.
In the Philippines, it’s not allowed to… That’s why I said—Now, when there are sharks around, just feed them to the sharks. It would make them fat, good for sashimi also. So ‘yan ho ang ano ko dito…

Do not put so much [premium?] on… Wala. I never really granted any interview. The only statement I made was when I said to President Obama, “President Obama, I’m President Duterte. I never made that statement. Check it out.” And that statement could only be referred in the recording room of the airport in Davao City Philippines. Here, I never answered anybody. Except during the last day, there was this ASEAN-East Asia, so I [inaudible]. We were warned that we were only limited to prepared speech. But it was handed to me, I just threw it and I said, “I’d like to say something more than that, since we have been talking about human rights.” Then I pulled out, “Look at this pit, look at the bodies crowded, they could number to hundred.”

One soldier was holding his rifle, with his feet on the breast of a Moro. “Tell me now, can anybody here in this room,” I asked them, “can anybody in this room tell me what human rights is all about?”

If you were… There’s fighting in Mindanao. Mindanao could never be healed because of this. Alam mo kasi ang tingin, para maintindinhan. Just give me two minutes.

Ganito ‘yan eh: When Magellan, the conquistadores, landed in Leyte, somewhere in the Visayas, he brought down with him canons, gunpowder, the muskets, the rifle, the swords, and the soldiers. First time that we saw them, our forefathers, and we were scared, because when the canon was fired, boom, and they saw so many…

So, they established a foothold in the Visayas and from island to island, they conquered the Philippines and subjugated my country for 400 years. Not having enough, they traveled to Mindanao. Mindanao originally was not really a part of this island. Mindanao belonged to Sri Vishaya Empire of the Malay.

So at that time, 1521, Mindanao was already 100 percent Islam. Just like Sabah, Malaysia, and Indonesia. So when the Spaniards came there, they started to slaughter the natives, the Moro. Then during pacification, because Spain lost a war against America and Spain ceded by the Treaty of Paris, ang Pilipinas, kasali ang Guam.
If you have been to Guam, pangalan nila puro espanyol. There are also… we were ordered to adopt a name and a surname of Spanish origin. [inaudible] So, from the Americans, there was this republic, and this republic is an extension in the eyes of the Moro, this republic from the Spaniards to the Americans, because the seat of power is Malacañang.

This government, our government now, is just an extension of the original, imperial government of Spain. Kaya hindi nila matanggap kasi ‘yung mga… ang nagpasa sa gobyerno nito, sa amin, pinagpapatay ‘yung—

And that is why we are having peace talks. Eh ako naman, kasi ang lola ko Moro, Maranao, ang lolo ko Chinese, my father is a Visayan. So if you ask me, because we copy our lineage from our father, I would always tell them: “I’m a Visaya.”

Now why is there… Yesterday I said, “Why is there a threat until now? Why is it that Mindanao until now, since the time of the Spaniards and the Americans, that there is no healing at all? Why? Because they were slaughtered by the imperialists. And I have this [inaudible] to do.”

Look at the naked bodies, several of them. Six million… 600,000 inhabitants. Estimated at that time, by the Americans, not by us. And 6,000 of them were murdered. That is the problem. But if our Moro brothers, I can talk freely because ako may, nanay, ang lola ko Moro eh. So I can tell them: What [do] we do, we fight to death or we talk?

It is time really to use the phrase “water under the bridge.” Because I myself will never allow the oppression of the Moro people in Mindanao, but neither would I –[applause].

So everything must be equal. So we’re having our talks with the left and from the looks of it, by the grace of God, we are communicating already.

Then we have the MI and the MNLF agreeing to talk with us. So ang naiwan, itong Abu Sayyaf. But the Abu Sayyaf, in their cruelty also, copying the ISIS of the Middle East, plus the historical injustice.

‘Yan para maintindhan niyo. Hindi tayo… Mindanao was never a part, talagang pinilit lang nila eh. So that, why are there Christians in Mindanao aplenty? The reason why, no Moro would work for the Americans. They wanted to develop Mindanao because there’s no typhoon, it’s below the typhoon belt and anything you throw into the ground grows.

It’s fertile, it has a good climate, and once in a while we have a storm but it’s almost after 15, 20 years.

So they wanted to develop it. No Moro would work for them. So what did they do? They came up with this sloganeering: “Go to Mindanao because it is a land of promise.” ‘Di ba?

So, by folds of thousands, nagbabaan ‘yung mga pobreng Pilipino. Only to realize that the land was already sub-divided into cadastrals and homesteads and titles were given mostly, although not their fault at that time, because that wasn’t 1900s, really. There was yet no… wala man radio noon eh. Our mails would be late as something like three to four weeks, almost one month for a letter to arrive in Manila.

So most of the guys there got the premium lands for all Tagalogs. No court orders. ‘Yan ang istorya diyan. So ‘yung mga Pilipino, with the proximity of the Visayas, very near, when they started it going down. So now we outnumbered,or at least, kayong mga Kristiyanos, we outnumbered the Moro, in population.

So that is how it is. This Abu Sayyaf, if they are now officially telling everybody that they are with ISIS and that makes it doubly, really. We’ll have to do something about this, because as I said, and I had to come here to talk to President Widodo to talk about how we can control piracy in the Malacca Strait and those travelling, ships travelling between Indonesia, and the Philippines, and Malaysia. I don’t know how we’ll do it, but Malaysian representatives are not here, so it could only be a partnership.

But we would issue after this, I’m going to have a meeting with President Widodo and I hope that we can hammer out a good, or craft something that’s really useful and functional to control crime in this area.

We can only… it could only [be] Indonesia and Malaysia who can help us, nobody else, nobody. It seems to me that everybody’s scared. There is not even a decisive move in the South China Sea. There, we only have two options there: We talk or we fight. Philippines to fight China — it will be a slaughter, so we talk. [laughter] We cannot match.

You know, I’ll tell you something. The Defense Secretary is here, the National Security Adviser of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, my advisers.

We are a recipients of so many things from America. Thank you for your generosity. What they sold us — two, only two F50 As. It’s F50-A. But they never gave us the missiles and the bullets and the canons to fight. For ceremonial lang.

Kaya ako, when I became, when I was in [inaudible], I told them, do not waste–That’s why I had my oath taking very simple in Malacañang. It was not at Luneta because I did not want to bother people with the huge congestion.

I do not even accept invitations in Manila. Why? Every time the President travels in Manila, it would create a huge traffic.

When, you know, the PSG, they would just calculate. “The President is going down, shaking hands and in about…” So everything there, all [inaudible] where my entourage would pass are all closed. So exponentially ‘yung sa likod ‘yan, para ‘yan and it’s about 15 minutes in anticipation for the President.

If you are the President of the Republic of the Philippines, you must be an idiot to see that you’re the only one running there on the road and yet people are suffering. That’s why I told them, I do not, I cannot accept your invitation. If walking distance from Malacañang, I will do it. Yeah, but I do not want. That is why ‘yung sa Pope, it was not really a statement on the Pope.

At itong Amerikano, mahusay talaga. The Americans really can spin a story. They use the predicate or the adjective that is really worst to hear.

Now, let me just give you– People judge best when they condemn. Ang pinakamahusay na husga ng tao, ‘yung pinakamahirap para kung maghusga siya sa kanyang kapwa.

Lalabas ‘yung… The best of the… people judge best when they condemn. ‘Yung “putang ina” sa atin, they connect it with the word “son of a whore.” A “whore” is a very terrible thing to hear.

I was talking all along in the dialect, the best combination there of the words, translate it to English and they do it everyday. “Son of a bitch”, “son of a gun” ‘di ba? ‘Yang “putang ina” natin, if the Filipinos will try to enter it, we would have said, “son of a bitch,” “son of a gun” or “fuck you.”

Pero it is not translated in any ordinary day. In an ordinary day, you say, “son of a whore.” Pero ginamit nila ‘yan, siguro si– took offense, tingnan mo mag-gamit ang international press. I said: You better watch out.

Pangkaraniwan ‘yan, everybody, whether American, African who knows English would say, “son of a bitch,” “son of a gun.” It is not “son of a whore,” there’s never the translation for that. ‘Di ba? [applause]

I said when they are after you, they would, I said, make it appear to be the worst of you. Kaya bantay ka lang sa press. They can spin. Any international, they will spin everything to make you–Me? I don’t give a shit. [laughter] Why? [applause] Because I am not the President of the international community. So what if my reputation is bad? I said I don’t give a shit. I am the President of the Republic of the Philippines, not the republic of the international community. You can all go to hell. I will do what I think is best for my country, to the best interest of the Philippines [applause].

And if there’s anybody from… maski saan. Human rights, I will continue the campaign against the criminals. I do not have any pity for them. And I said to the police, and remember this because they would cut if off again, the rule, in almost all over the world is: When you are placed under arrest, the guy there would say, this is the police, you have committed the wrong, surrender. Then he would try to bring you to the justice, court of justice.

You must be taken into custody. Kaya nga e. How do you take into custody a person, if he refuses? You just have to drag him, just like in the movies. Put some handcuff there. That’s standard. [inaudible] There’s always a fight. So itong, now itong, we’ll get [inaudible] just fight, then he is dragged, he suffers some bruises and wound. When he’s now in court, he would tell the lawyer or the lawyer who filed the case against the policeman, a leverage, ‘yan ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas. Takot ang pulis.

Pulis are afraid to face charges because the day that they are suspended, there’s no more money to buy food on the table. Do you know how much is the starting salary of a police in the Philippines? P14,000. And if you have three children and you have to feed them—Kaya dinoble ko, doblado na sila ngayon. The military and the police, I’ve doubled their salary. Ngayon kung magnakaw ka pa, anak ng putang ina mo, babaralin talaga kita, leche ka.

I have doubled their salaries and I’ll protect them. Only when your life is in danger in the process of taking custody of a criminal and there is a violent resistance that could threaten your life, then shoot. And because all of the shabu users, that’s according to their forensics, that it would shrink the brain, everybody has a gun.

One of the things that would come first is—“Last two minutes.” [laughter] Kung alam ko lang ganito, last minutes, ‘di nag-rubber shoes na lang ako, maglaro tayo ng basketball dito. [laughter]

So that’s my order, if you are in danger of losing your life and you are a police officer, shoot. So that’s what happens. So we lost… the idiot almost… 1,000 of them. [inaudible] What can we do?

So I have a job to do. I got 15 million votes, 16 million votes, 6 million of that was the majority between my closest—I got six million over. So what’s the message of the people? Stop corruption in government. It will stop. I will assure you. Or else they will be part of the statistics there in 1,000. [applause]

I will suppress drugs and in the fullness of God’s time, maybe two years, [inaudible] you can walkabout in the Philippines, free of the fear of being mugged [laughter]. But you have to pray, not because you love me, you have to pray because you need me. You know, I’m going home tonight. If the plane will go done in the Celebes, no more Cabinet members [laughter]. You have to pray that we have… to keep me alive for the next… [applause].

With that, I bring the warm wishes of the Filipino people and one of those who would contribute to the GNP, the gross national product. So we are applaud by the industry of the Filipino people.

Maraming salamat po.