Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte at the Inauguration of the Filinvest Development Corporation’s Misamis Power Plant
PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate, Brgy. Tambobong, – Balacanas, Villanueva, Misamis Oriental
22 September 2016
Kindly sit down. Salamat.

Governor Emano; Representative Unabia; Representative Uy; Representative Rolando Uy; Representative Maximo Rodriguez; Representative Lord Allan Velasco, the committee chair sa Energy sa House; Abul Khayr Alonto; some of the Cabinet members who are here; Mrs. Mercedes Gotianun, the chairperson; Andrew Gotianun, Josephine, Jonathan, Michael, Edward Gotianun; Mr. Jesus Alcordo, charperson of the board; Mr. Mario Pangilinan; Mayor Generosalie T. Uy; Mayor Edward Fernando, my beloved countrymen, good afternoon.

You know, I’m talking about the newest plant and congratulating the Gotianun family for their sheer enterprise not only in the development of the Philippines but sharing the money to help the Philippines raise the standard of living.

One of the few nakita ko na—well, the big ones are really big and they are big because maybe God gave them so much so that also they can help so much of our fellowmen.

Wala na kayong masyadong problema in about the years to come but again, the second and third generation will still suffer. We were not able to really utilize the, what I would say, the solar and the wind and I don’t know where.

Alam mo, this will be again, I said, tallied against the statistics of the EU tapos they would again start to compute the carbon footprints dito. Gano’n yan ‘yung–

You know, I had this argument with the EU early on, hindi pa nga ako nag-oath ng office, they just went to see me and it’s about the—well, the campaign to reduce carbon in this planet because of the so many changes in the weather, and well, the Kyoto Conference it was signed but last to sign was I think China, Russia, and the United States, and most of the heavily industrialized countries.

That is where I said the hypocrisy and sometimes the stupid inconsistency nitong mga industrial powers. They want to lower but they also want us to go lower than usual so they would want to delineate the limit and we cannot raise higher than the ratio that we have been using—that we are used to. So pagka mag—At saka—

Now, if we want to industrialize our country because we were left behind by so many generations, we have to keep up with developments and [inaudible] right now is to use is coal. Why? Barato, it’s available although it is, maybe deleterious to the whole of the climate of planet earth.

Now this is the problem: sila started very early so upon the dawn of the industrialized era of this planet, sila ‘yung mabibilis and they consumed oil, the fossil fuel oil, bunker, lahat, diesel, sila ‘yung sumasangga, sila yung bumubuga and it took them years to do it.

Now that they have changed the climate because we were then poor and we had nothing, gusto nila ngayon, tayo dati-dati umabot din sa kanilang parang kayamanan. Pero sabi nila, wag. Wag masyado kasi nagpopollute tayo ng air. Kami mag control, kayo control din pero kung anong atas, wag kang sumobra, sumunod ka sa ratio and proportion.

Kaya sabi ko mga g*** talaga, umalis kayo diyan. Kaya galit sila sa akin. Now they want me to investigate the human rights. Katawa na ining mga puti.

So what we do now is we go to China and rightly so. China is in good faith eh ‘yung historical naman e historical naman ‘yan sabi niya hindi naman ‘yan kanya, ng mga leaders ngayon so there is the Arbitral judgment because may contest diyan but nung nanalo na tayo, may dalawang options: we go to war para kunin natin or we talk in peace.

Remember that anong pinag-awayan niyan is not territorial. Ang territorial natin at lahat ng bansa sa buong mundo, it’s the 12-mile limit from the coastal shores where the water would rush in and rush out during high tide or low tide.

Itong dito sa Scarborough is the entitlement. Lahat ng mga bayan sa buong mundo, we agreed na meron sarili tayong fishpond. Ang atin diyan, ang sinabi ng China kasali sa kanila ‘yung ating fishpond. Lahat ng [bansa] sa mundo may sariling fishpond so that is the sovereign entitlement sa mga isda, marine life.

Kasi ‘yang tubig, gano’n, sa ilalim niyan, ito ‘yung coastal shores. So sa ilalim niyan tawag nila [kantil?] yun ‘yon may tubig pa yan so paganun yan sa– these are what you would call the continental shores.

Hindi ‘yung pagkita mo diyan maglakad ka sa beach, nandiyan mismo, wala nang lupa. May lupa pa sa ilalim niyan meron pa ‘yang papunta ng—that is the continental shores. And that is the basis of our claim for the sovereign entitlements.

So hindi naman tayo pwedeng mag gyera, mag-usap na muna tayo. And there will be a time, there is always a time in this world: the time to talk, a time to war, a time for bloody, and a time to be purified. It’s not the time because we cannot depend on anybody except us.

I do not expect United States to die for us so we will just have to navigate our way around here.

We, I’m willing to talk. I’m going to China because I want— then kung kami na lang doon, I will present the problem to [inaudible]

This piece of paper that rendered our award, we do not go out of the four corners of this paper. We talk. Gano’n. Hindi yung magtatapang-tapangan tayo. Negosyo lang. Kita mo, tumulong sila gumawa ng power plant. You can just imagine if we can get their help in the years to come.

It’s not territorial. Kung territorial, matagal na tayong nagpapatayan diyan, it’s the sovereign entitlement.

But one of the things that I would demand if I go to the Mainland China is give us back our fishing rights. That’s one. Not– non-negotiable, pobre among mga kababayan.

To them, whatever, kung gas meron doon ang agreement between China and the Philippines during the time of [sino? Who’s the representative in–? Di ba? O. hands up ka agad, absent ka]

We had this scientific, you know, it was supposed to be—actually it was just a legalese, [talkaties?] lang ‘yun in a diplomatic way to really—towards a joint venture.

Nung umakyat si Aquino tinabla niya so kaya galit ang China. Galit talaga sa kanya.

Ngayon sabi ko sa—mag-usap tayo. But there will be a time that just like what the Bible says, mga Kristiyanos: there is always a time to talk, a time to be nice, a time to be angry, a time to be ugly, a time to be beautiful, a time for peace, a time for war, a time to be born and a time to die.

Hindi natin pwede ito bigla-biglain ito so we would like to thank China, the Gotianun family of Chinese ancestry. Mine also, ako. And we would only aspire for one nation.

I will not obey to the unreasonable mandates of whatever mga EU, EU na yan EU-dip. Tang. Kaya tayo kayang-kaya gani basta maliit ka. Hay naku.

Kaya ngayon sample ko lang, paalis na ako… Human rights. Davao was very topsy-turvy. When I became mayor I said, kayong mga kriminal, mga durigista, mga adik, mga hold-upper umalis kayo kasi kung hindi, talagang mamatay kayo.

Now, bakit nga maraming patay? You know why? Hindi yan sina-salvage kagaya ng sa Maynila ngayon kasi ang pulis talaga takot yan. Anak ka ng– you should know because I was a prosecutor, the vice mayor, mayor, congressman, Presidente na ngayon. Kung bakit, ewan ko dumating ako diyan pero basta gano’n ang laro.

Takot talaga ang pulis noon kung ‘di mo sabihan ang pulis, ‘hulihin mo, go after them, arrest them and if they present a violent resistance, kill them.’ ‘Yan.. Well those words ‘maraming patay ang Davao’ e yung lumaban talaga namamatay. Pero kung sabihin mo namatay na nakatali ang kamay sa likod, those were the handiwork of their co-conspirators diyan sa droga kasi bago kami nag-umpisa sabi ko hulihin mo ito tapos ituro mo yung isa ang nag dawit sayo tapos yung isa naman ituro mo, siya yung nagpabili sayo so yung binabalot ng ano, yung tinotorture, hindi trabaho ng gobyerno yan. Bakit mo ibalot ‘yan? Hindi naman nagpoproduce ng mummy ang gobyerno.

Eh barilin mo lang diyan, iwanan mo kung gusto mo talaga yan extrajudicial but most of them were really– because ang pulis talagang agresibo na. Kasi sinabi ko go at saka kung ano ang mangyari, as long as it is in the performance of your duty, duty connected and when your life is in danger, patayin mo. Wag kang mamatay kasi pagdating ko, ikaw ang barilin ko. Totoo. That is really my language.

Ngayon they’ve been using it. Ngayon, hanggang ngayon doon sa EU, ‘that he is going to issue warnings of killing criminals,’ sabi ko, f*** you.

Why are you threatening me? Including itong rapporteur ng Amerika. Why are you complaining so much about me threatening the criminals of the drug syndicates if you have considered the fact that we have now 3.7 [million] drug addicts?

By that number alone, it would tell you it’s a very serious crime. Tingnan mo ngayon na wala nang addict, 60 percent reduced na ang criminal. Wala pero maraming patay pero yung mga addict. Kasi yung addict, six months to one year maggamit ng shabu, either mag suicide yan sa kagaguhan nila o mag holdup mag—but in the end, yung may pera, ayan maraming pamilya yan even in Davao, basta mga itong mayayaman na ano, hindi na sila kailangan magnakaw, magpatay, hindi na kailangan mag—and they see the hopelessness of their—yan ‘yan, yan ang totoo.

Itong mga Amerikano papunta bungol takutin pa ko na– Bakit hindi ko sila putahin.

Noong mayor ako, it was alright for them to criticize me. You know, you have a mayor in that Mindanao island who was very talkative about killings so easy, okay lang ‘yun. Pero Presidente ako, lecturan ako ng p*** ina niyang rapporteur, tapos sabihin ako— You know there is no crime at all in the Philippines which says I cannot threaten criminals or else I will go to prison.

Walang crime nagsabi na bawal magsabi ka criminal. Kayong mga terorista, kayong mga—tapos ako ang… sila, sinabi nila doon sa– they went into Iraq on the excuse of mass destruction. Pinatay nila si Saddam; Iraq is no longer a state; they undermined Libya, binobomba nila ang Syria patay pati mga bata wala lang mang—

Kaya today I announced sa international, sa Al Jazeera, I am inviting the United Nations, si Ban Ki— ewan ko kung anong pangalan ng yawa na ‘yan. Ban Ki-moon, Ban Ki-sun.

I am inviting the EU ‘yung pinakamahusay, send the best lawyer of your town, pati ang mga rapporteurs pumunta sila sa Pilipinas. I will write them a letter to invite them for an investigation. But in keeping with the time-honored principle of the right to be heard.

Matapos nila akong tanungin, tanungin ko sila. Sila, isa-isahin ko sila. You, you—in open forum, you can use the Senate o ‘yung Folk Arts [Theater], whatever. Everybody will be invited. Tapos manood kayo, tingnan ninyo kung paano ko lampasuhin ‘yan mga yawa na ‘yan [applause].

Una ko lang tanong sa rapporteur: I killed thousands? O, what was the name of the first victim? What happened? Where? For what reason? How was it done? What time was it? Ito si Obama, ipapatay ‘yung mga blacks doon. Kahapon may binaril na naman na African-American. Eh magpadala ako ng rapporteur bukas doon sa Amerika, tanungin ito bakit pinag-babarilin itong mga itim dito? You know, tapos sabi ng Britain, sabi ng Germany ‘yun, they— warningan nila ‘yun Arabs: “you stop because we will bomb you.”

O, ang tinatakot ko mga kriminal, itong inyo mga bayan ng mundong ito ang mga kawawang Arab, mga Muslim pinag-aapi api ninyo. The Middle East is a destroyed part of the planet na wala na talagang—wala, kasi ‘yan sila…kaya ako nagpu—nag-mumura kasi kung sila akala mo with all the pontification and every word that they utter, they would like it to be treated as an ex-cathedra thing.

Kung sila marunong, tayo binababoy. Bakit ganoon? Politika yan eh, galing yan sa Davao. It started in Davao as a political issue. As a matter of fact when you go to Davao, ‘yang DDS is not really– DDS was during that time, sparrow versus the DDS of government. ‘Yan hindi akin ‘yan, tapos inadopt nila ng inadopt sa akin. Sinakyan naman nitong mga oposisyon noong eleksyon, okay lang ‘yun.

Ngayon hangang ngayon kita mo, De Lima she was seven years chairman of the Human Rights. Binibira niya ako, hindi pina-file ang kaso. As Secretary of Justice, she was building a name at my expense para ma-popular. So what now? Tingnan mo, she was not only screwing her driver, she was screwing the nation. ‘Yan ang—‘yan o, kita mo na? O ngayon saan na ang human rights? Kaninong papel ang ginamit ninyo para sa investigation? From where were the papers?

Kaya mahirap ‘yan ganoon, nakita mo so—after all, kaya sabi ko six months because at that time when I said I need another six months. ‘Yan ‘yung pinaka– sinabi ko kay De Lima, “you better hang yourself” kasi nandito na sa mga kamay ko ‘yung– sinabit na nila, tiningnan ko na. So all the while, because of her propensity for sex–ayon.

Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng babae na lumabas sa buong social media nakatingi pa ang buwang, murag ‘way nahitabo [laughter]. P**** ina kung nanay ko ‘yan barilin ko. Lahat ‘yan nga that is the lesson to be learned so—

Tapos sabihin nitong mga bumuo ng BB Plus na credit, walang akong pakialam sa inyo. I’m formulating a new foreign policy. I’ll be neutral at saka ‘yung sabi ng mga Amerikano magpatrol-patrol diyan sa China Sea ha. I will not allow the Armed Forces to do that, stop it.

Why should we go into a joint patrol tapos nagka-gyera? Pag nagka-giyera saan ang battle ground? Diyan [sa] Palawan? Kalokohan ‘yan. Mamera lang kayo diyan, okay na kami dito— pa-inaugurate inaugurate nalang kami [laughter].

Kung meron kami nito—you know, I’d really be happy if I get to be invited so many hundreds of kilometers away, I’d still go there, if it’s still upon—

You know itong electricity, it was really the carabao. Pag wala kang energy, patay ka. And to me, this would alleviate including the Zamboanga Peninsula, hirap talaga sila doon. Almost every now and then, humingi ng tulong for a re-distribution of the power from the grid.

But with surplus now, ay hindi nga surplus kulang pa rin eh. But more or less ma-stabilize na, for now. But I never thought that Mindanao will develop so fast, that in the few years, would be starting again to tinker with—but maybe in the fullness of God’s time, we would have something like a solar or a better technology but not expensive.

Walang question ‘yan, they are available. But whether or not we can operate them at a cost that would give you the return of investment for a few years, I don’t think so. Well, I am not trying to be an actuarial thing here but mahirapan. Eh hindi naman kasi, ang mga investor they want to get back a little of something, maybe on the third year, fourth year, they would have the profits but if you say na itong ganitong klaseng—it takes time, it takes money.

But again I would like to thank the Gotianun family for this plant and everybody connected with it and the Chinese, you will see me more often in China.

Saka totoo lang, pagka niyaya ka dito sa mga – Asia[n] countries, makita naman ninyo ang preparation sa banquet. Doon magkano na lang ‘yung isang butan na mga salad-salad [laughter]. Dito nalang ako, then diyan nalang kayo.

So again, I’m here, I’m happy to be here. And thank you for the—I will have the command conference with the police, just a reminder for them also that I’m not happy with what has happened, I’ll give them more—ganito ha.

In a scale of one to ten, we have achieved something like about 5 but most of the drug ngayon, even dito even here sa Cagayan, if you want drugs, your source of communication, the critical communication will come from your jails.

Ang transaction dito sa droga sa Pilipinas, almost 95 percent shall be in-cooked inside prisons. Puro Chinese, eh kung hindi ‘to makita itong mga yawa na ito, ibahog ko na sa boiler ‘yan. [laughter] Sabihin mo nga sa kanila, i-translate mo. They have no problem.

My father was a—my grandfather, Chinese ‘yun. My grandfather was really Chinese, when he was naturalized, he took after the name of his lawyer, Atty. Rod. My mother was a Maranao, taga-Iligan pero ‘yung mga half-sister niya talagang Roa rin, he was a really Roa but he was really Chinese also. Most of the time, and there was this naturalization proceeding, ‘yan ang ginagawa nila eh. In-adopt nila ang mga pangalan ng mga abogado nila. So wala naman problema diyan sa mga Chinese na ‘yan. Papansin ‘to ibahog ko na tanan niya diyan.

I’m happy again, I won in this place, I’d like to thank you for a giving me the support [applause]. Sabi ng Al Jazeera dito, ‘can’t you not be a statesman?’ Sabi ko, “no, I’m just a small town mayor, my mouth is rural, I never took a course of statesmanship, and I do not intend to be one. I get manly if call me mayor, I’ll be happy because it’s almost my affiliation, parang palayaw ko na for the 23 years that I’ve been mayor of Davao City, mas komportable ako kung tawagin mo akong mayor.

But wala ako—I serve– what I promised you, I will do. No corruption in government, tinanggal ko nga ‘yan dito eh. Because I’ve searched so many stories, hindi na ako nakatiis, and I have accepted so many courtesy resignations, most of them sa regulatory bodies, regulatory ‘yung LTFRB, itong mga Customs, BIR. But I promise you, it will be a clean government and I hope to stop drugs somehow and criminality. Okay na ang bansa natin maski ganito lang ako okay na. Never mind about diyan sa labas. Sabi nila unpopular ako doon sa Europe. Tang—hindi ako mayor ng Europe. Mayor ako ng syudad noon. Ngayon, Presidente lang. Pilipinas lang naman, Presidente. Okay yan.

Maraming salamat po.