Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Presentation Ceremonies of the 2016 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos’
Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace
12 September 2016

Kindly sit down. Thank you.

I will dispense with the acknowledgements. We have been introduced, all of us, we know each other. Kasing haba pa naman ‘yung speech ko sa kanya, with the other guy [laughter and applause]. So I’ll have to make some shortcuts to come to a parity with the time that he spent. It was a good one. Actually, we admire you and we’re just happy to be listening to you. Walang problema ‘yan.

This I can say. Sa panahon ko, ang military pati ang pulis walang problema. I’ve been guaranteeing it day one sa pagka-presidente ko [applause], that you’ll have everything you need and lahat na, lahat ng weapons na makayang bilhin ng ating Republika. ‘Yung kaya lang. At para maitayo ninyo ang bansa ng ating bayan.

You know, I’d like to congratulate the awardees to whom this moment properly belongs. We know your hardships. My mother was a teacher. And as a matter of fact, there was a time in my life, earlier na we were also tied to the ever present ‘5-6.’ Ganon ang buhay ng maestra pati sundalo. Maniwala kayo. Totoo ‘yan.

Ang sweldo talaga kulang. That is why the first thing that I did was to announce, doble ang salary nila, nauna sila [applause]. Because they are these guys, I hope it’s there, it’s shown in your… By December, it would have been complete. It’s reflected on your August salary already.

And second, I am really inspired to just also take the podium to say to you all that I said, I’m proud of my mother. My father was not really proud of me [laughter]. Took me seven years to finish high school and he died when I… I was still in the stage where I was not sure of what to do in this life.

I wish… I’d wish that he would be here. Sana tatay ko pati si Obama. So that he would have heard also Mr. Siason doing his praising to me.

Alam mo, sabi ko, I am not trying to offend anybody. It’s just that, this Republic works this way. But there was… I’ve been to every camp, military camp natin, all around the country, in the last three visits, which I failed in the previous because of weather. But next is pupunta na naman ako sa mga pulis, just to [inaudible] for their duties.

Alam mo, inuna ko sila because, these are guys that we send to the mouths of hell, actually. And look at Mamasapano. I grieve for them but marami akong questions. It’s either it’s about too late in the day to raise it or it would be useless, whichever I will decide, maybe in the course of my six years. Because I need to make everybody realize that along the way there are lessons to be learned. ‘Yung [inaudible] na ‘yun.

Now I was attending the Summit, I would like to apprise you of what I did. I did attend but I purposely did not attend the bilateral talks between ASEAN countries and the ambassador of, the President of the United States. Talagang ini-skip ko ‘yun. I attend all others. ‘Yung kay Putin, may one-on-one ako and the ASEAN and also the Chinese, I was there.

Now, the reason is not I am anti-west. The reason is not I do not like the Americans. It’s simply a matter of principle for me. Alam mo, had I not been elected as President of this Republic, tingnan ko masyadong kawawa ang bayan. Just look at the horizon and all the politicians there. I’m not saying that I am the best. It’s God’s call ‘yang Presidente. Walang ano ‘yan. It’s destiny.

Pero kung makita mo, and just thinking about it, [inaudible] madisgrasya tayo. Because when I was the mayor of Davao City, I was the favorite whipping boy of a certain lady and itong mga bleeding hearts, and some priests, some nuns. Of course, this is a democracy. I can understand their criticism. I can accept it with a smile. I know what public office is, what public trust is.

Ang akin lang is I’ve been 23 years mayor, at least wala akong kasong graft and corruption. Hindi ako pumasok diyan. But dito ako, I was really a hardliner because I was a prosecutor. I’m a lawyer. And for about 10 years, I was doing trial work and many times I saw cases falling apart because of corruption, ‘yung ebidensya ko naging [tawas?]. ‘Yung aking witnesses tinatakot at pati ‘yung mga pulis and there was a time they say: Sir, alam mo, wala man kaming pera. Even the guys in Manila.

Those assigned in the Customs, during the time of President Aquino, may nilagay diyan mga military men, young men with idealism. Pero nag-surrender. Bakit? Kasi pinapakitaan sila ng picture ng asawa nila, lumalabas sa mall. Nagsusunod sa mga bata. Sabihin nila: Sir, wala man kaming pera na mailipat namin ‘yung pamilya namin sa America or some other place. So medyo dispensa na muna kami. And that’s what happened.

In Davao, they raped a teacher who was the wife of a police officer. And in front of Obama sinabi ko, I really did: Pinatay ko talaga [inaudible]. I made him pay for what he did. Pinatay ko. Walang kaawa-awa. Eh bakit ako maawa? When pity is not one of my virtues. Hindi ako nag…

Eh tutal ‘yung nanay ko noon, every time na may… sa altar ako naka-ganon, araw-araw. Susmaryosep. Kaya kung buhay ‘yun, idemanda ko ng child abuse ‘yung nanay ko. Anak ng jueteng [laughter]. Almost everyday. Oo, totoo. Nagkaroon ng kalyo itong tuhod ko. Hindi sa simbahan. Diyan sa harap ng altar sa bahay namin.

‘Yung si Hesu Kristo noon, ‘nong I started kneeling ‘nong second grade ako. I was looking up, imploring the heavens for his misery also. And finally ‘nong last na, ‘yung punishment sa nanay ko, she was always looking at me, ‘yung ulo niya bumaba na. Tapos I could hear him, sabi niya: Rod, pareho talaga ang swerte natin. So tama ka talaga.

Anyway, ganyan ang pangyayari. Alam mo kasi, pati ako hindi ko alam. Makinig kayo. Hindi ko alam ganon kalala. Pati ang mga pulis hindi nila alam. Pati military, I’m sure. Hindi ko alam. Pano ninyo malaman? We’d never thought that the drug problem was that widespread and dimensions… Pero addiction, does not stop.

If you are a son of a millionaire, you can buy shabu everyday. So what? But it starts with the use and it ends up with a dysfunctional family. Pag may anak ka, may asawa ka na nasa shabu, wala na talaga ‘yan. So you destroy the very fabric of the basic unit in the community.

Then, you start to steal. You start to kill and you become ruthless because shabu – six months to one year of constant use would shrink your brain. And that is why itong mga… media, and of course, ayaw maniwala na ‘yang mga… Ayaw maniwala. Talagang lumalaban ‘yan. Maski ako… In many raids, nandiyan ako. In many, siguro mga a dozen time… [inaudible]. Baril lang talaga muna ‘yan. At lumalaban ‘yan because sira ang ulo eh. And paranoia.

When you’re paranoid, you always carry either a knife or – Lumalaban talaga ‘yan. Kawawa naman itong mga pulis, sabihin na… Subukan mong mag-adik. That’s why I’m suggesting na kung ayaw ninyong making, bigyan ninyo shabu ‘yung mga anak ninyo, free of charge, I’ll give it to you. Ipakain ninyo sa mga anak niyo at tingnan ninyo kung anong labasan. They’ll come out monsters.

So I have to deal that problem in Davao City. When I became mayor, what propelled Davao City to be the fastest growing… I was hitting already almost 5, 6. Economic growth ko. Domestic. Inside Davao lang. What made it so peaceful? Tanong lahat… Kasi sinabi ko talaga. In front of the cameras there. Kung ayaw ninyong lumabas sa Davao, talagang papatayin ko kayo. Period.

Now, kung itong problema na ito, can be solved by– You know, it’s too easy really to criticize. But when you think of the sheer number, sabi ng PDEA noon, that was two years ago, that was uttered by General Santiago, the PDEA head at that time, said that there are about three million. That was a figure with the other administration. Mine is that ‘nong inipit ko na lahat, lumabas ang… I was… appalled and [inaudible] by the number. 700,000 ‘yung nag-surrender na takot. How do we solve this problem?

Alam mo, naging Presidente ako, dito ngayon standing. I entered the government, the presidency midstream. So, this budget that I am operating now was made the previous year, by the previous administration. Wala namang expectations, there was no projection at all, one, even a wish, na paglabas nitong lahat ng droga, thousands by thousands. There is absolutely no budget for that. I cannot steal and Diokno will not give you anything else, other than what is being operated on, in accordance with the budget.

So sabihin nila: Why do you kill them? Why don’t you just rehabilitate them? 700,000. Where do I get the money? Saan ako magnakaw? Kunin ko ‘yung national, departamento. Then I would have derailed the program of Briones, Medialdea, pati si Lorenzana. Stay as you are. The budget that was given to you, as envisioned by the last administration. You’re limited on that budget.

So but I go around a lot. Just to supervise. I did not declare a punitive police action – mind you – against drugs. I declared a war. Talagang giyera. Hindi ko alam kasi lahat ng mga pulis ko, masasabit. That’s why I have to make a guarantee to them and to the military, whom I called to join in because I have now declared the drug threat as a national security issue.

Kasi pag hindi ko gawain, if I cannot interdict this problem now. Nobody in the horizon can. Unless you guys, magco-coup d’état kayo and start a military junta there somewhere. Ganonan na talaga ‘yan. Wala ng… There’s no escape from the, you know—Just like… So wala talaga. Sino man? Sino… Alin doon, kaming apat? Mamili ka kung sino. Mag-inom muna ako.

When as a matter of fact, the generals were into it. Anak ka ng… So that’s I told them before, before I was elected. Either you resign now or I will name you publicly and I did because they did not resign. Eh ‘yung iba, sabi ko, sige. But mind you, maraming patay na pulis dito ha. Huwag mong sabihin puro sibilyan. At marami rin akong pulis na namamatay and sundalo. Soldier even in one drug, dala sundalo, apat na sundalo patay. So I have dalawa pala. I have to go there. I have to fly to every town, every community to condole with the family and to show to the world na huwag, do not with me because hindi ako nagbibiro dito.

And I said, that even… I’d put at stake my honor, my life, and the presidency. Walang atrasan ‘to. So, ito local lang ito noon. Yellow issue lang ito. Itong extrajudicial killing, sinakyan ng PR, during the election time. They carry the propaganda too far. At ito namang mga NGO dito, bless their souls, I cannot—

You know, you can’t correct your… If you have asthma, go to your doctor; if you have a diarrhea, either doon sa baba or on the mouth, you can go to your dentist. But stupidity cannot cure you.

Kailangan ko ito. And I said to them, go out and hunt for them and destroy them. ‘Yan ang order ko rin against the Abu Sayyaf. That is why marami man akong… naguusap naman tayo ma’am. Galing rin ito sa presohan sa… [inaudible] Were you also imprisoned? You’re a leading light of the left. Do not deny that because God is not forgiving to liars.

We have a working relations… Wala ng, ang mga sundalo ko, wala na. Now, I’m just trying to be funny. Mga sundalo ko, they’re freed of, kasi wala masyadong, wala na encounter. So you have this moratorium. So I have enough soldiers to go to… It bleeds my heart to send a Filipino to kill a Filipino, sa totoo lang.

My mother is a mestiza, Maranao; lola ko Maranao; lolo ko Chinese, Lam. Kaya magsabi ako, magpunta ako doon, mag-fight… But deep inside, napakasakit naman nitong trabaho na ito. But I have to do it because I have to, you know, preserve the Republic and its integrity.

Pero itong mga… we are talking with the left. The MI is so accommodating; they even help us in apprehending drug violators. And for that I should say, we must really go to federal and help the MI. One day, you’ll have a legal identity of your own. I promise you that.

Si Nur, seems to be equivocal. But I hope he comes out one day, to talk to us. But the Abu Sayyaf, wala na ‘yan. It’s out of control. Kaya sabi ko sa military, pati pulis, go out and crush them and destroy them, just like the drugs.

Ngayon itong… it started with a rapporteur, it started with the ambassador. There was an election. He was asked for his comment regarding an incident which actually happened in Davao. Tapos I was just narrating a fact and itong media – alam mo how they spin and weave a tale, tanong sila doon sa ambassador na babae sa Australia, nagtanong diyan kay Goldberg, and they uttered something na masama para sa kandidatura ko.

So it was awfully wrong for them to state something during an election. Kaya ako nagalit. Huwag mo… Okay man… Not during an election because it could affect the results. Doon ako nagalit. So I said [inaudible] stupid. Totoo naman. And of course that lady, I refuse to talk to her. Kasi may kagaguhan ang… Then they started to hit me, una ‘yung rapporteur. The very same method that they used during my, ‘nong mayor pa ako.

If I’m still the mayor of Davao City, you can hit me. Actually walang problema ‘yan. But when I am – however small you look upon me, I am now the… You just cannot, a President of a sovereign state. Sabihin, parang lecturan mo pati si Obama. It would have been wrong for him to do that. Kaya binastos ko sila. [inaudible]. But you know, itong media, you know – Men judge best when they condemn. Actually ‘yang ‘putang ina’ ang translation niya, ang ‘putang ina’ ‘son of a bitch’ ‘son of a gun’ if you cannot pronounce the slur.

Itong sinabi nila, ‘son of a whore.’ That is not, but they actually did it, to make it more palatable to the outside community. And they say that I, my… Ano raw ako, popularity ko sa Europe mababa. I am not the President of EU, Europe or America or China. I am the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

I do not serve anybody else except you [applause]. If I lose my position along the way, fine. If I die, I’m assassinated, just fine also. But never I would maybe — honor, I don’t think I’d lose that. Ginagawa ko na para sa’yo ito, bakit ninyo ako kunan ng honor? So when I made it, nagkamali si… But I came prepared. Nagkamali si Ban Ki-moon na katabi ko. Isa rin nagsabi in public. You do not do it to a Republic, the President. You communicate and say: President Duterte, just like before, these allegations against you when you were mayor but are being repeated now in the international arena. Could you please communicate with us how we can – not really solve – how we can maybe explain to the public.

But si Ban Ki-moon, reading the newspapers dito, basa rin siya nang basa. Pati si Obama pumasok rin. Sabi ko, bakit ganon? Mayor ako okay lang. So pagsabi ni Ban Ki-moon doon, nandoon lang sila, si… Secretary of Defense, hindi na nila. Kasi binigyan ako ng National Security Adviser ko ng speech. Hindi ako nagbabasa ng speech eh. Hindi talaga. Ayaw ko. Kasi limitado ang ano, time. Kagaya niya o. Walang limitado ang time si Siason. Larga siya nang larga. Sabihin ko, hoy ‘yung kalahati niyang oras, akin na ‘yan ha [laughter].

‘Nong sinabi niya, well to promote trade ganon, then he mentioned, katabi ko lang eh. Pagkapos niya, binigay na ni National Security, tinapon ko. That’s my prepared speech. I do no read my speeches. Sabi ko, I’d like to show you something. We kind of grieve over the human rights issue. When was the great philosophy of human rights, when was it first adopted, or when did it evolve? Sabi ko, you know, I’d like to show you something. Sabi ko sa kanya, these are the victims sa crater doon sa Jolo. May volcano. Doon nagtakbuhan ang Moro people when the Americans came.

Nakita, there’s a pile of bodies. Tingnan mo ang mga sundalo, nasa tabi o. Standing over the dead. You know, except for the religion, the Moros are our brothers of flesh and blood. Talking about human rights, who are you and what moral ascendancy do you have over me to talk about human rights? Tingnan mo ‘yung… These are the Moro people who were massacred in… [inaudible]. Meron sa Lanao, meron sa Davao rin.

Kaya sabihin ko sa America, what now? Me, you just alleged that I killed about… police, because I ordered the police to kill 1,000 criminals. What is it to the 6,000 Filipinos, men, women, and children, all at a common grave, because you were here as imperialists. You wanted to colonize my country and because you had a hard time pacifying the Moro people.

Why? Because in 1521, when Magellan landed in Leyte, bringing with him his guns, his canons, his muskets, and gunpowder, Mindanao was already thriving an Islam community by almost 100 years.

Mindanao was part of the Sri Visayas empire, including us. Pero ang datu nandoon sa kanila But those who [inaudible] and hold settlements, and even sila Lapu-Lapu were actually [inaudible]– It was the first religion, but kasi island for island, they had, it was a contiguous one. They had a hard time. You read the archives the Malaysians and you go to the libraries of the Indonesians. Just a little reading.

Nauna kasi ang Islam doon. So when the Spaniards came, they wanted to put religion there. It was resisted by the Muslims because they were already Muslim solidly for almost 100 years. So ang magawa ng, the canons of Magellan, was able only to get one territory there, ‘yang Fort Pilar. But that was it. Finish.

Then the Americans came, they saw Mindanao below the typhoon belt, very fertile land and they could get anything… they had the grand time getting the fat of our lands. ‘Yan ang totoo diyan. Walang mag-trabaho sa kanila eh. Even the plantation. So, what they did in the [inaudible] was to come up with a sloganeering, go to Mindanao because it is the land of promise [inaudible] my father to, still single, to go to Mindanao.

‘Yan ang totoo diyan. Mahirap kasi ‘yung ignorante ka. You just blurt out, you sound too civilized. As a matter of fact, akala mo ikaw lang nakapag-aral. Eh kasi [inaudible] Harvard eh. Dalawa na tayong valedictorian. Ano ka? Hanggang 75 lang ako ma’am, sa totoo lang. Oo, totoo.

Sonny Dominguez, kababata ko ‘yan. He was our valedictorian. Is he here? Since kindergarten valedictorian na ‘yan, hanggang nag… became PAL President and Secretary of Agriculture under Cory. Si Art Tugade was a classmate diyan sa San Beda. He was our valedictorian. Lahat ‘yan sila, puro valedictorian. Si, Medialdea. Of course Secretary Briones and Taguiwalo. Puro ito mga, totoo… Pernia. Even si Delfin Lorenzana. What I know? Hindi ko alam. Alam mo sino nagsabi sa akin? Pastor Quiboloy. Sabi niya, ‘yan si Lorenzana he was our valedictorian, sa Cotabato, sa Notre Dame.

Ako? Medyo ano lang. 75 lang. Basta makaakyat lang. 90, 90 tapos… Kaya ‘yang Legarda na ‘yun o, ‘yung kanto, ‘yung Legarda pati ‘yung, ito ‘yung road na ‘to, Mendiola. Diyan kami bumagsak lahat halos. Sige, mag-inom kayo. Hindi mag-aral. Magkatinginan lang sa library [inaudible].

I’ll tell you, sinong na-estudyante ni Solidum dito? Justice Solidum. He was handling Remedial Law and Criminal Law. One day, maganda to eh, in remembrance to a learned man. May question siya, ang ma-pronounce, Ilonggo ‘yun eh.

Ang rinig ko Duterte, si Villafuerte ng Camarines, tumindig rin. “God damn it, why are you standing at?” Sabi ko, “Sir I thought sir, I heard my name sir.” “Because you are always talking there at the back. Come here. Sit down here.” ‘Di tindig ako. [inaudible] Upon na. “Stand up. You sit down. You recite.” Nagkaintindi ako ng ganon. Hintay ako ng… “Start talking. God damn it.” “Sir, there is no question yet sir.” Nagalit siya. Eh gumaganon ako. “Duterte, remember this. Do not scratch your head and scatter your dandruff in this room. Keep it on your head. It’s only one that you have. God damn it.” [laughter]

Ewan ko kanino… [inaudible]. Alam mo kasi pag ka fourth year ka na, pwede ka na magdala ng girlfriend. ‘Yung mga bisita mo kasi naka-Amerikana. Practice nga eh. So yu can invite, karamihan ‘yan mga syota. [inaudible] Aksidente ‘yun. Simulated. “Yes sir. I’d like to call my next witness, a traffic officer, assigned in Quiapo.” “Qualify him.” “Were you in fact in duty at that day?” Yes, sabi ng witness. “And what happened there where you were doing your duty?” “There was an assistance for an investigation, a traffic accident in Morayta.” Blah blah. Tapos pagsabi, magkamali ka talaga. Kasi sa nerbyos ng buang. “And what did you saw?” “God damn it. I thought you, he’s a policeman.” “Yes sir.” “Then why you asking ‘why did you saw?’” [laughter]

Tumindig talaga. “Why, are you asking a carpenter?” Ay naku. Those were the days. But, that’s [inaudible] of life. I do not… to prolong your stay. It’s quite a bit late.

I’d like to again… my warmest felicitations to the awardees. And of course, nireserba ko talaga. My deep respect to you sir [applause]. And to Mr. Sobrepeña for remembering the services of my, of your fellowmen. Lalo na kaming taga… We are just workers of government. I do not… pareho tayo. I do not address my officers as officials. I only say in public, in public I say, we are workers of government and we are paid to do our part.

Kaya lang a little bit of understanding, this campaign against the drug problem, menace, will not stop, it will not stop. Pinupusta ko na ang presidency ko diyan, pati buhay ko. Until the last addict is eliminated. For as long as it would take me two years, fine. Kung, if they feel that they want to impeach me, go ahead. Be my guest. But for as long as I’m there, they will have my support.

Itong drug campaign, ladies and gentlemen, I assume full responsibility. What the military will do and the police have done and will do in the future, they have my command, blessings. And nobody should go to prison for just working. Kung may ma-demanda sila, turo na lang ninyo. It’s the presidential order. You arrest Duterte if you want. And I’m ready to be arrested. Pumunta ka dito, pag hindi binaril kita… [laughter]. Karami kong presidential guard o. May machine gun pa pala diyan sa loob.

Anyway I said, I will try to govern this country, in parallel with development, economics, and all. Pero hindi ko bitawan. First, I have said, if I stop now, I could, I should have compromise the next generation.

Maraming salamat po.