Japan to infuse 1 trillion yen support to the Philippines, 13 Jan. 2017

Japan will help support the creation of business opportunities in the Philippines worth 1 trillion yen, announced a top Japanese government official.

“Japan will support to create business opportunities approximately 1 trillion yen level for over the next five years, including a Japanese ODA, Official Development Assistance and private investments for the Philippines,” said Japanese Press Secretary Yasuhisa Kawamura.

Kawamura who is in the country with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, spoke at a press briefing in Malacanan for local and foreign media on Thursday, January 12.

The Japanese Press Secretary said to realize this 1 trillion support to the Philippine economy, Japan would establish a joint committee on economic cooperation and infrastructure and would also send experts to the National Economic Development Authority.

He also said Japan will contribute to infrastructure development in the Philippines in transportation and electric generation by taking advantage of the Japanese technology.

Kawamura said Japan will spur the development of Davao City and the conflict affected areas in the country through support in irrigation, road construction, power generation and education.

To strengthen the security of the country and its anti-terrorism efforts, Japan will provide security related equipment, according to Kawamura.

The Japanese official said in the area of maritime security and defense, Japan will support through capacity building, equipment and training exercises.

Kawamura also expressed Abe’s desire to cooperate proactively on the issues of the region together with the Philippines as the Chair of ASEAN.

“The ASEAN’s solidarity and centrality should be strengthened and it is important to develop ASEAN as an open community,” said Kawamura.

On the South China Sea, Kawamura underscored the importance of the rule of law and its peaceful resolution.

Commenting on Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Davao particularly to the hometown of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, he said that is something the Prime Minister is really looking forward to.

Finally, Kawamura repeated what President Duterte said during the latter’s official visit to Japan: “Japan and the Philippines are not simply friends but we are more than that. We are brothers.”

“So this represents how our two countries are close in terms of relations. This is an eloquent reflection of the existing confidence, trust to the Philippines,” added Kawamura.###PND