From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the supplemental impeachment filed against PRRD

The supplemental impeachment complaint-affidavit filed by Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano against the President is unfounded, lacking both in form and substance; but more seriously it seems that this is part and parcel of his intention to run for the Senate to replace Senator Trillanes.
The political tactic of filing an ‘incomplete’ impeachment complaint on the first day of recess of the HoR then to ‘supplement’ it on a different day seems geared towards providing media mileage for the proponent.
The President is the chief architect of the nation’s foreign policy and under his leadership, we strive to safeguard the national interest, sovereignty and territorial integrity.
On the issue of Benham Rise, Scarborough Shoal, and the disputed features in the West Philippine Sea, the Philippines will continuously uphold and assert our rights.