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PBBM: Whole-of-nation approach needed to curb proliferation of illegal drugs

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stressed on Thursday the need for a whole-of-nation approach to ensure that the country will be rid of the proliferation of illegal drugs through prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and law enforcement.

“We must take a whole-of-nation approach to seriously curb the proliferation of illegal drugs. This includes prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and law enforcement to ensure that we implement the Philippine Anti-Illegal Drug Strategy and eradicate this health and social menace once and for all,” he said in his message delivered by Health Undersecretary Abdullah Dumama Jr. during the 4th Anniversary of the DOH-Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Agusan del Sur.

The President noted that these strategies to address the problem also entail cooperation between the government and the private sector.

“This also entails the cooperation of government and private sector through early intervention and education in schools, awareness campaigns, and community-based solutions and initiatives,” he said.

The DOH-Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, which is part of the anti-drugs effort, continues to be a vital component of the program, according to President Marcos.

“Amidst the harsh realities of drug abuse, this treatment center remains a sanctuary, where individuals can find healing, compassion, and recovery,” he said.

“In our pursuit of helping individuals rebuild their lives, we need a supportive environment, like what we have here, to facilitate our patients’ transformation,” he added.

He likewise enjoined the Filipino public to be part of the efforts to fight the proliferation of illegal drugs in communities.

“I call on every Filipino to be part of our fight against illegal drugs. Be vigilant, report drug-related activities, and support rehabilitation efforts,” he said

“Together, we will be the champions of hope for those who are on the path to recovery so that they may contribute positively to society as well,” he added.

President Marcos expressed hope that with the government’s commitment, Filipinos would be able to enjoy progressive and safe lives free from the harmful effects of dangerous drugs.

“Napakasarap po sa pandinig: Bagong pag-asa, bagong simula, bagong buhay para sa Bagong Pilipinas at sa mga Bagong Pilipino,” he said.

“Sama-sama po nating isakatuparan ito,” he added.

The drug treatment and rehabilitation center is considered the largest in CARAGA. | PND