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PBBM urges local actors guild to help raise standards of local films; commits govt support

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Thursday urged the Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon (KAPPT) to aspire for higher standards for local films, which are effective instruments in showcasing not only Filipino culture, but also the progress the Philippines has achieved.

In his message during the oath-taking ceremony of the KAPPT officers as well as of its Board of Directors, President Marcos noted that the organization has fostered unity among its members that enabled them to embark on meaningful projects and endeavors amid numerous challenges.

“I am pleased to hear your oath and commitment to responsibly lead our very own actors guild and to know that the government has a genuine and reliable partner in all of you,” he said.

The President said that movies and television also serve as an effective platform for meaningful dialogue and positive change.

President Marcos also cited KAPPT’s efforts to continuously uphold the welfare of local film and television industry workers, provide jobs and opportunities to the Filipino people, and bring dynamism to the country’s economy.

In response, the chief executive gave his utmost commitment to support the film and television industries and help promote the rich culture of the Philippines and the Filipino people particularly in the international community.

“Lahat ‘yan ay mahalaga sa gobyerno. Mahalaga sa ekonomiya natin ‘yan. Kasi nakakatulong ‘yan sa ating pag-publicize ng Pilipinas at tayo naman ay maipagmamalaki natin, hindi tayo mapapahiya kahit sa anong klaseng…. artistic endeavor,” the President said.

“At mahalaga nga ito para hindi lamang tulungan ang ating mga practitioners kung hindi pati na ay maipagmalaki ang kultura ng Pilipino sa buong mundo. Bukod pa riyan ay mahalaga ang ating …creatives industry dahil you are defining the culture of the Philippines,” he added.*

The President also said that, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the local film industry, the excellent work of the directors, actors, actresses and industry workers has allowed for their products and crafts to be featured in international film festivals. This, the President said, must be pursued further.

“Pag pinapagtibay natin, pinapaganda natin at binibigyan natin ng suporta lahat ng ating mga creatives, ito ay pagsusuporta sa ating pagiging Pilipino. Dahil when you say, ‘What is it to be a Filipino?’ You point to our culture, because a culture is a shared consciousness,” President Marcos said.

“That is why, not only is it important to support our practitioners in the creatives industry, because of the very damaging effects of the pandemic to your industry, number one, but also to bring (our culture and progress) to the rest of the world. Kasi kaya natin ipagmalaki,” he added.

The President also emphasized that the government will continue recognizing their achievements in the Philippines and abroad.

“As we remain steadfast in improving the environment and conditions for our workers in all sectors, I urge you all to continue taking the lead through your meaningful initiatives,” Marcos said in his speech.

“I hope that, as you secure the well-being of your colleagues, you will continue to strive to raise the standards of our films and our shows at the same time,” he added.

President Marcos also hopes that the KAPPT will maximize the advantages brought about by new tools, new technologies, and new platforms to showcase Filipino excellence and artistry on the world stage.

“Through the effective combination of these technological developments and your craft, you have greater opportunities to share our traditions and values farther than ever, even as you continue to mold, to influence, and to shape the society that we live in,” the President said.

Before concluding his speech, President Marcos extended his congratulations to the KAPPT and thanked the organization for their continued desire to create a better industry “that future generations can appreciate, enjoy, and be proud of.” PND