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PBBM urges ‘Anak TV’, media to continue its advocacy to provide positive, nurturing programs for children

President Ferdinand R. Marcos jr. on Friday enjoined Anak TV to continue advocating for wise media consumption and encouraging its consumers to produce relevant content.

In his speech delivered by Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Cheloy Velicaria-Garafil during the Anak TV Seal Awards, President Marcos emphasized the role of older generations in shaping the behaviors and values of the youth.

“It is worth mentioning that the younger generations learn social behaviors by observing adults and role models. So, let us provide them with the necessary guidance in their consumption of media, and encourage them to watch shows that will teach them how to engage effectively with their peers, elders, and communities,” President Marcos said.

The President also called on stakeholders of television networks, celebrities and journalists to provide a positive, nurturing, and inspiring media landscape for Filipino children through policies and programs that will promote responsible TV viewership.

“I enjoin all Philippine TV networks, artists, and journalists, among others, to wield your power and utilize your platform in promoting media and online literacy and advocating child sensitive content,” he said.

“Continue to work with this Administration in shaping a more positive, nurturing, and inspiring media landscape for Filipino children by expanding your awareness of the needs of your young audience.” he added.

Anak TV Seal Awards is a national award given by various stakeholders, including parents, educators, businesses, and media organizations, to programs that promote responsible TV viewership through child-sensitive and friendly show formats.

This year’s awards was held after three years of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Marcos commended the Anak TV for this year’s Anak TV Seal Awards for recognizing outstanding child-friendly television programs that play a role in the creation of a new generation of socially conscious Filipinos.

He likewise recognized the recipients of the Anak TV Seal Awards for creating quality contents that help mold our children’s values. |PND