News Release

PBBM to Congress: Let’s get things done to improve PH’s economy, competitiveness

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. today declared that he wants lawmakers from the Senate and the House of Representatives to focus on amending the economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution to improve the country’s investment competitiveness.

In a media interview following his attendance to the 16th Ani ng Dangal Awards 2024, the President said he has been “quietly” talking to both Houses of Congress on the amendments that need to be done.

“What for me is more important than to make these proclamations, pronouncements, what’s more important is to get it done. So, that’ what we’re doing, we’re doing it quietly. We do it with, you know, without any fuss. We just want to get those amendments incorporated into the Constitution to improve the chances of investment and upskilling of our people,” he stressed.

He also pointed out that what is happening now is the mode of amendment that he has espoused from the beginning with the Senate taking the lead.

“I always said the Senate will take the lead. The Senate is taking the lead and between the two Houses they will come to an agreement then that will be the way we’ll do it,” he said.

He added that all the issues on amending the Constitution has been “a storm in a teacup” because the matter has been decided long ago from both leaders of Congress. “But I don’t know why there is such. It’s really a storm in a tea cup because this has been decided very long ago from both the leaders of both Houses. Maybe I don’t proclaim but sinasabi na kailangan kong pumasok (pero) matagal na akong nakikipag-usap sa magkabila,” the President pointed out.

President Marcos made previous pronouncements stating that the economic provisions in the country’s Constitution should be amended to make it attuned to the globalized world in order to attract more foreign investments.

Marcos said amending the economic provisions of the Constitution must be prioritized to remove restrictions and entice foreign businesses to invest in the Philippines. PND