News Release

PBBM signs two new laws, re-numbering Cebu’s Engineering District Offices; creating a District Engineer Office in Southern Leyte

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has signed into law Republic Act No. 11991, re-numbering Cebu’s first, second, third and fourth district engineering offices, and Republic Act No. 11992, which creates a district engineering office in the Second District of Southern Leyte.

In a three-page RA 11991, President Marcos re-numbered the Cebu first, second, third and fourth district engineering offices “to conform and correspond, respectively, with the numbering of the legislative districts in the Province of Cebu.

President Marcos repealed Republic Acts No. 9043 and 9218 with the signing of the RA 11991, which provides that “each district engineering office shall serve the cities and municipalities under the respective legislative district.”

A complete list of the law, stating the designated areas of each district, is published on the Official Gazette.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is mandated to issue the necessary rules, orders and circulars to implement the provisions of RA 11991 within 60 days from its effectivity

President Marcos also signed into law RA 11992, creating a district engineering office of the DPWH in the Municipality of Sogod, Second District of Southern Leyte to be referred to as the “Southern Leyte Second District Engineering Office.”

The “Southern Leyte Second District Engineering Office” will serve the Municipalities of Anahawan, Hinunangan, Hinundayan, Libagon, Liloan, Pintuyan, St. Bernard, San Francisco, San Juan, San Ricardo, Silago and Sogod.

Both RA 11991 and RA 11992 will take effect 15 days after its publications in the Official Gazette, or in a newspaper of general circulations. Both were signed into law on March 21. PND