News Release

PBBM seeks resolution of Myanmar conflict as ASEAN leaders ‘worried’ over deepening crisis

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expressed hope that the deepening crisis in Myanmar would be resolved but said it remains to be a “main worry” among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states.

The President made the remark during an interview with the media before meeting the Filipino community in Cambodia.

“That the Five Point that they had agreed with ASEAN — that Myanmar had agreed with ASEAN, eh hindi nasusunod. Anong gagawin natin?” Marcos pointed out.

The President was referring to the Five Point Consensus, a peace plan that sought to call for an urgent end to violence as well as step up dialogues between the military and the opposition movement.

During the 41st ASEAN Summit Retreat, the President called on his fellow ASEAN leaders to heed the call for the welfare and protection of the people of Myanmar.

Marcos sought the speedy implementation of the Five Point Consensus plan to address the crisis in the neighboring country.

The President also encouraged other ASEAN leaders to continue taking a constructive approach in engaging the stakeholders in Myanmar consistent with their shared vision of an ASEAN, which is people-centered and people-oriented. PND