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PBBM reminds Catholic faithful this Holy Week: Spread kindness, selflessness

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urged the Catholic faithful to reflect this Holy Week and not to forget the essence of the occasion by spreading kindness and selflessness especially to the less fortunate Filipinos.

“In this solemn occasion, let us not only seek to unravel the mysteries of our faith, but also to illuminate the path for others through acts of kindness and selflessness,” President Marcos said in his Holy Week message.

“I pray that we may humbly accept our authentic selves as imperfect beings, for it is by becoming truly human that we can experience the divine. Let us always remember to seek the Lord in our desires and to desire Him in our seeking,” he said.

Filipino Catholic faithful around world usher their Holy Week commemoration by attending Palm Sunday masses and other activities in various churches.

President Marcos said that Holy Week is a commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a day to reflect on the many transcendent encounters of the Catholic faithful.

“This hallowed time of contemplative silence behooves us to ponder on the mysteries that elude our grasp, seek revelation in the face of the inexplicable, and acknowledge the interplay of joy and sorrow in life so that we may understand the path laid before us by Almighty God,” he said.

“May our inward reflections manifest in our outward actions as we strive to give hope in a world that is threatened by darkness. Let us be the light that shines through the shadows, the love that triumphs over despair, and the hope that radiates upon all humankind,” he added.

President Marcos expressed hope that the Catholic faithful will remember not for what they have reached, but for the light that have kindled in the hearts of everyone. *|PND*