Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte before his Departure for Vietnam 
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal II, Pasay City
 28 September 2016
Zen Hernandez (ABS-CBN): President Duterte, Zen Hernandez po ABS-CBN. Your reaction lang to a press con by Senator De Lima saying that there are forces, elements around you who are taking advantage of your well, anger or hatred sa kanya dahil po sa 2009 investigation of EJK?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, she was the chairperson of the Human Rights for many years. She was the Secretary of Justice for many years. She has been a Senator for a time now. And all of these events in her life, she talked about me harping on extrajudicial killings. And yet to date, no case is filed I was investigated once by the [rapporteur] Philip Alston. And she wants to have me investigated again by the UN through a new… ako ‘yun, ako ‘yun inapi-api niya tapos ako pa…

You know, I’d like to, in all sincerity, as a human being I think honestly, I’m not trying to derogate her. She’s a lawyer. She’s bright. I think she’s breaking down.
I would suggest that she takes days off then maybe… you know, I, I am [inaudible] if she continues yakking there and listening to… she will have a nervous breakdown.

Ms. Hernandez: [off mic] if you have evidence?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Anong gawain ko sa kanya? I-recommend ko siya sa… anong—Viva Films o ‘yun sa ABS-CBN na kahapon lamang.

Actually, except for the… itong drugs linking her sa… I think the most serious charge against her is the, the portals of the national government has been opened by her election as senator because of the drug money. We are now a narco-politics.

Kayong lahat, huwag ninyong bolahin sarili niyo, 92 percent of the total barangays in the Philippines are affected by drugs. There are 11,000 mga police… huwag hindi ikaw, eh police ‘yan eh. And about 16,000 barangay captains.

That is why I am not in favor of calling an election now. Drug money will flow down to the basic unit, the barangays and it will strengthen the hold of narco-politics now existing in our country. It behooves upon me, it behooves upon me to tell you what is the truth and prevent something catastrophic in the future. Four million drug addict, I said is no joke, my God.

Joseph Morong (GMA): Sir, good afternoon po. Sir ‘yung kahapon may apology tayo doon sa tatlo na tao. Sir does it not put to question ‘yung credibility ‘nong ibang mga drug list natin?

PRESIDENTE DUTERTE: No, I don’t… Because, kasi ‘yung mere… magkasama eh. So if you are together, but you the law, mere presence of some one else’s crime does not make you a criminal too. Mere passive presence of another person’s crime cannot make you a criminal. That is the rule.

Now, sa lahat, from police to military, merong isang suddenly, it’s a bold, underscored then it becomes thin. Then hindi ko makahanap ang koneksyon.

Now, I said it is my duty to tell the nation what’s happening but it is also my duty that if I commit wrong, I should apologize. That is the way to go in this world.

So I am again, for the third time and the last time, I am offering my apology to Governor Espino, si Sison kasi hindi talaga clear. But ‘yung Baraan na ‘yun, Undersecretary, kasama ‘yun doon sa matrix. Kasama ‘yun. Sigurado ako. ‘Yung kapatid niyang si Baraan pababa, this guy was already dismissed from government service. Why? Because convicted na siya for smuggling of our metallic black sand.

Si Espino, it has nothing to do with drugs, but he’s also facing a charge in the Sandigan, same. Smuggling of black sand, metallic ‘yan eh. Pero kung may kaso pa, wala na. Pero ‘yung sa drugs, hindi ko talaga makita ‘yung linya.

And as a lawyer, when you make public a certain wrong against a person, you’d have effectively destroyed his reputation. So kaya, fair is fair, wala naman akong ano kung nagkamali ako, marami akong pagkakamali sa buhay.

I will not pretend that I am perfect. I have so many faults in life. But I’ve never been faulty in the choice of…

Mr. Morong: Sir ibig sabihin sir, with regard to the other narco-list, you’re standing by the information that we have released so far, ‘yun pong ibang mga listahan.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan. The latest, I hope I will, Inshallah, pagbalik ko, I will have one session with the media and I will read… This would be again about the judges, some congressmen, mayors marami, barangay captains halos lahat, and the police, military one or two.

So, I go now?

Q: Hi, Mr. President. Good afternoon. Sir, Senator De Lima was asking if may gusto daw po ba kayo sa kanya?


Q: She was asking sir kung may gusto daw po ba kayo sa kanya?