Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the 2016 Sulong Pilipinas: Local Governance Series
SMX, Davao City
20 September 2016
Salamat. You do not have to stand up. Pare-pareho lang tayong ranggo. Except na nagkamali ang swerte sa tao. Balik taray and that is the mystery of this universe. I never really wanted to be President sa totoo lang. I was the most hesitant but I don’t know. It has something to do with destiny and God. [Speaks Bisaya] Mag-lecture na si Hesu Kristo sa langit naman. [Speaks Bisaya]

You know the factors that would affect the political landscape of a barangay, city, province, national even. [Speaks Bisaya]

I ran under PDP. I would not say it is a moribund party but it was kept low all this years for… walay funding and besides nagkawatak-watak na ang leadership, down the second echelons. Nagkanya-kanya na. But the objectives, ang program naadidto, steady man naand I have been a member of the PDP and the coalition with the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the Karapatan all this elections. [Speaks Bisaya] It’s politics. Since Karapatan is there, it was allowed to thrive. We have abrogated the law and communism, it was allowed to exist.

So more or less ang akong orientation is really left and maybe you can say I’m the first left President of this country. But it does not mean that I am a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines, because while they are in the socialist dimension, ang ilang extreme pamaagi is armed struggle.

And that was the reason why ang moderates nagpalayo and even during the party organization right after the Cory inauguration, ako si Bebot and some guys here joined the Partido ng Bayan in Manila. But when we noticed, kami ni Bebot Bello na pumapasok na ‘yung hard core, pumapasok na ‘yung left na miyembro ng komunista. Eh sabi ko, Bot, dili na ni maayo.

Because when you are a socialist, that is your political ideology. But when you join a party that is committed to destroy the government, to which you belong as a co-worker. We are all co-workers of government. We are paid to do our job. Saan ako, Bot sibat tayo. I will not—So the more progressive political party right after the Cory administration was the PDP. So dito ko ni Aquino… as matter of fact, as everybody knows, ang PDP gani, when we share, we use the left hand so it’s really a left. We are almost driven to one common objective and that is socialism.

The political system which we would like to—it’s almost a [inaudible] equality with everybody and it is sometimes the antithesis of capitalist driven markets. That’s what it is all about. Kaya itong na-Presidente ako, I ran almost… I’d like to just say this to you… [Speaks Bisaya]

Walaako partido sa Luzon, sa Visayas, but Mindanao, well of course, the sentiment or the attachment was there. But not all were ready to commit because of the… umpisa ‘tong nasa power [Speaks Bisaya]

So except for Imee, si Governor sa Bukidnon, ang akong idol. [Speaks Bisaya] Governor Zubiri and si Garcia sa Bataan. And one lady governor [Speaks Bisaya]. Are you here? Kindly let me know, can I have dinner with you tonight? [Speaks Bisaya]

But I—No, there’s nothing, no nothing romantic and personal there. [Speaks Bisaya] But I lost in Agusan del Sur, but I got about a hundred in Agusan del Norte. So may nagtaksil doon. So but anyway that’s the home province of my mother. Actually my… taas ng istorya. Huwag na lang ‘yan. Pero ganito ‘yan, hindi ako nagbago kailanman before the election, during the election, and now. My main issues there was corruption in government. Tapos sabi ko drugs and criminality, organized crime.

‘Nong nanalo ako, ‘yun lang ang issue ko. And of course I said, the economic factors would come in, if you are already set up in that government. So I’ll just hire the economic minds of the country and work for me. I’ve been very forgiving to myself and to you when I said that hindi man ako ekonomista. The most that I got was during my AB days sa Economics. Bagsak pa gyud gani sa first semester.

Nakakahilo ‘yang mga ekonomista, may pa [inaudible] eh pwede naman kwentahin mo na lang ‘yan [Speaks Bisaya] maraming… I said I’m a lawyer and I’ve been prosecuting fiscal trial, fiscal for about ten years before I joined politics. I never wanted it also because I was taken out of that office upon the prodding of Chito Ayala and the other political bigwigs and Nene Pimentel. He gave it to my mother but my mother refused so ako ang kinuha.

So I said I do not want it because I wanted to be a judge. You know why? Because, well I thought at that time a salary of a judge could sustain the expense of at least two or three children in college at the same time. There was no position in government that could sustain such huge expenditure, lalo na kung magsabay-sabay ang mga anak mo sa college.

So ang better, at least a little bit higher than the others, makapag-aral ka ng at that time kine-kwenta ko na, kine-kwenta ko. Mag-medicine ako sa o law ako sa—Siguro ang isa anak gusto pa Manila ang mag-eskwela. You know these idiosyncrasies of a person. So sabi ko, I will serve vice mayor OIC. But, after that I’m not ready for anything except that if you want to retain my mother because she carried a yellow Friday here, one of the… sila Santos. Ilagay mo na lang ako pagka-judge. It was actually the agreement. Suddenly, I quarreled with the late Respicio. And I found myself facing him in an election in 1980s. I won and that is history. Awa ng Diyos, ‘di naman ako, I never lost in a single election, including the presidency. Wala man akong mga leaders I said, so kind of destiny talaga. Hindi mo na ako makita except for the Davao area and if you have governors there, that [inaudible] maski barangay captain, wala ako sa Luzon, pati sa Visaya. And yet the vote was overwhelming.

Now, I’m telling you this narrative because I want to stress a point here. Ang sabi ko korapsyon. Ang sabi ko drugs at criminality, na itong sa taltong ito, I am prepared for these three events in this life. I’m ready to lose the presidency itself. I’m ready to lose my life and with it my honor. ‘Di talaga ako aatras dito. At matindi ito. Despite or in spite international criticisms, which I think nalaman na ninyo ‘yan, it’s unfolding today, that the drugs even of trafficking was established in the national penitentiary. But if you listen to the TV right now, the investigation is going on in the committee in the Lower House. Alam na ninyo kung bakit. So that when I declared an action against the drug syndicate or the menaces, if you may, I declared a war because it was at that time that I realized that I was even short of my projections about the drugs.

Alam ko sa Davao noon may droga. And I was the favorite whipping boy of De Lima because she wanted to make it big. Lumaki kasi ang ulo niya kaagad when Arroyo appointed her as the chairman sa Human Rights. And ‘yung maniwala kayo o hindi, depende na ‘yan sa inyo, actually it started with an election issue. So meron dito mga kalaban ko, kung may mamatay for whatever reason, kung sinong pumatay it doesn’t really matter, kukunan ng picture. And then it was made into a folder with so many victims there, victims of crimes against persons, nasali na lahat doon. So ang puntada ng mga gaga dito it’s almost 1,700, sabi ko napaka-gago naman ninyo.

Eh kung talagang killer ako, I am mayor here 23 years. ‘Yan lang ang ipakita ninyo sa akin? Karami kong tinapon diyan sa Samal Island ng Davao Gulf. ‘Yan lang makikita mo? I must have been just, I raised the level of… into a sarcasm. Pero ako, papatay… Totoo ‘yan. Pero ‘di naman gano’n karami. 1,700. Mga 1,400 siguro. Eh ganon na lang paraanko kasi ‘yan ang ididikit nila.

Now, we never knew the widespread problem, maski ako hindi. Pero three to four months, I was making use of the, ‘yung dito sa Davao. Mayor ako, it was very simple. Sinabi ko umalis kayo dito. If you’re into drugs, murder for hire, ganon umalis kayo. Kasi pag hindi, ito totoo ito, papatayin ko kayo. And in the process, marami akong pinatay upon my direction. Walang problema ‘yan.

But when I became President, doon ko na nakita, a horrifying picture ‘nong inipit ko na lahat na magtrabaho at ilabas na ninyong lahat ng ano– it was a staggering… So General Santiago, he used to head PDEA, said that there were about three million drug… people contaminated with drugs. Huwag na lang ‘yung addict, because maybe some are just occasional users.

Pero ‘nong na-mayor, sinabi ko sa inyo, mag-trabaho kayo. So you patrol the streets. So maraming mga durugista doon. And lumalaban talaga ‘yan. Telling you, hindi ito atin. It’s from the American forensics. That constant use of shabu between the years… between the months of six to… six months to one year, depende the severity sa hithit. The human brain will shrink and will not be a viable subject for rehabilitation.

Ibig sabihin, ‘di na talaga babalik ‘yung normal. Rehab in the sense that things should improve but kayo kung… I know marami kayong na-encounter. You begin to talk to them and suddenly lumilipad na ‘yung subject topic, nawawala na.

Kaya when the whole PNP, in-appoint ko si Bato kasi galing dito. Alam ko maraming mahusay. Eh kaya lang hindi ko sila kilala. Along the way in my career, there were guys assigned here na nakilala ko and—gaya si [Capo?] he was here for, he was my chief of police. Now they hold position of… the sensitive ones in the PNP organization. Kasi kilala ko sila and I mean to be honest and good. So… halos taga-Davao ang nilagay ko but they are not really from here, Morente, Coy, he was the military head of President Ramos. But he was also the chief of police here at alam ko he’s the undersecretary of DILG. Marami sila Morente. They hold sensitive positions.

And even in the PCSO, it’s the most corrupt agency in government. Alam mo ang ginawa nila diyan, ‘yung small time lotto, pinasok nila ang jueteng. And they had this agreement with government na sila na ang magpatakbo, they get a commission.

Pero as it turned out, nilaglag nila 20 percent lang. Ito lang ang kinita ng gobyerno. ‘Yan ‘yung kanila. Pumunta sa bulsa nila. Billions of pesos everyday. So I had to pick Jorge Corpuz also a police general and si Balutan. Naghahanap ako ng berdugo talaga and I got him for the national penitentiary. But I changed my mind because maghirap si… Si Jorge nilagay kong chairman. General Balutan—general ba ‘yan? Ginawa kong Presidente, parang CEO and I hope things will improve. But sinabi ko you make a study. If I am not satisfied that it can really prevent corruption, I will recommend for the abolition of the PCSO.

Ito naman mga online nila, itong mga oligarchs. Because they get permits from government laway lang. Then they operate an online and they open the portals of that gambling scheme, open to the foreigners. So I would never get the entire gamut of the operation pag hindi ko man alam kung magkano ako nalugi. So I ordered them closed.

But this time, if at all, if at all, okay ako pero it has to be strictly run by PAGCOR only minus the ‘yung mga taga-doon. Si Andrea lang. Kung gusto mo ikaw or you might maybe get it for six months to one year, study the averages of income and you can sell it by way of a franchise. Mag-operate ka na ng isa para you can get the data of how much a single operator can… ‘Yan ang—

But others ‘yung sa… criminality or sa drugs. Itong sa Customs, BIR, it will be history. I am warning the people there, either you stop or you will become part of that history.

Alam mo ito pasubuan ‘to eh. Huwag ninyo akong hiyain kasi ako’y tao na, alam mo simple lang naman ako. I’m not used to a high caliber, high fashion thing. I’m just an ordinary mayor here in the southernmost part of Mindanao. I’m not a national icon. Hindi naman ako actor but the results of the election will show the message. So it was a case of who was carrying the right message at that time. And even in the debates, I kept it short. I never developed a theory to start with a predicate and then the main because I know that one minute and 30 seconds would not be enough. So bullet lang ako nang bullet.

Maybe my advantage was the time constraint, when you’re… Alam mo… tingnan mo, mga abogado, sabihin minsan ng judge, o last questions, it’s already 12 o’clock. So you begin to devise questions that can give you the answer in one second. So doon ako medyo… nakalamang doon sa debates because of the fact that I’m a lawyer and we are quite well versed in these kinds of things, time constraints and reducing your arguments to the barest minimum.

Dito tayo sa drugs. Ako ‘yung favorite whipping boy, as a matter fact, De Leila came here many years ago and in that press con just before the hearing she announced that “I am here to prove that Duterte is the leader of the DDS.” So she came and… twice then natapos na lang siyang chairman sa Human Rights, wala namang nai-file na kaso and even when she was Secretary of Justice. I knew that Matobato was there with her kaya hindi niya ako maloko. Mas matagal ako sa gobyerno eh. Kung baga mas maraming may utang na loob sa akin kaysa kanya.

Lalo na sa law enforcement pati sa… marami akong kaibigan kasi tinuturing ko ‘yan sila kasing… I do not look at these guys as a maybe subordinates. I deal with them just like a co-worker in government. Except for the fact that well, the supervisory power belongs to the mayor. Ganon ‘yan.

So, marami akong nalaman and I remember when I was summoned by the Senate to testify against Bangayan David. And one of my impulsive, you know, sabi ko, kasi si Enrile naman kaya nagtanong. Sabi niya na, “if you find Bangayan in your city smuggling rice, what will you do?” P******** ***, sabi ko, papatayin ko ‘yan.

Then si Jinggoy were all over antics, sabi sa’kin, “Ano, ano, anong sinabi mo?” Tapos ‘yung mata kept on winking. “Ano, ano, ano?” Sabi ko, “Senator, I would like to give you the answer you want to hear. Patayin ko ‘yan.”

So De Lima, for all of her, lumaki talaga ang ulo after the hearing, said on TV—mahilig ‘yan eh. Pumunta agad siya sa TV — that Duterte should be prosecuted. I will sue him for threatening the person.

Forgetting na abogado man sana siya. That when you utter these words in an independent body such as the proceedings in court or in Congress, when they convene officially, the only body or person or persons who can sue you, ‘yung committee or the members. And it has to be a collegial thing, you have to vote on it. No other person but nobody can question me outside of that committee, that is the property of the Senate or the House.

Walang pakialam ang… you ask a civilian or even if you are the Secretary of Justice, you cannot just decide there na… You are not allowed to do that. Those are the nuances na… told me walang alam ‘to. Kasi election lawyer nga eh.

Now, nakinig ako kanina. She’s really… kasi right after that meeting, I heard her statement. Sinabi ko, well go ahead. Make my day. Tapos, wala naman siyang ginawa. Ngayon, alam na niya na naiipit na siya because you know, change of administration is really change of person. Sino man ang ilagay ko diyan kasi ‘yun lang ang kilala ko.

Ang mga taong kilala ko ‘yung sa Davao, where I grew up. Then doon sa aming eskwelahan and the more closer friends are your fraternity brothers. So, ‘yung nilagay ko diyan, either brod ko or ‘yung mga taga-Davao. So they started to dig, dig and dig deep sila. Eh mga fraternity brothers, nasasaktan din ‘yan. Ayan lumabas na ngayon ang totoo.

But you know that matrix that I gave you the last one, I don’t know if I still have that matrix but I have this… Alam mo nandoon ‘yung si Baraan, then the driver, si Dayan. I do not have the copy right now. ‘Yun talaga ang totoo. And that matrix was not given to me by the police or military. It was given to me by somebody and that matrix was an intercept and they were hearing all along what happened in the drug problem.

So ‘yung nakita ko ‘yung mga generals. It was not the work of the police, it was not the work of the military. It was a work of the foreign government and given to one person, which was passed to me. Ayan ang gusto kong malaman niyo, De Lima. Kaya ko siya inatake ng inatake but now it’s unfolding and appears now that it has corrupted everybody, because si Vit naman, he’s my fraternity brother, if you’re to know. He’s been liberal… sige mag-testigo ka, sige hindi kita isali pero I’ll give you immunity but you have to talk about the. ‘Yun ang…

Sinasabi ko lang sa inyo para hindi rin kayo ma– mga brod ko ‘yan and these are the lawyers, these are the boys, these are the friends na ang crowd ko sa Maynila. It’s either sa dormitory, sa eskwelahan ‘yun lang. Kagaya kila Tugade, was our valedictorian. But he is a billionaire. At that time we were still studying, he was already a CEO of the Delgado Shipping. This time he’s already a billionaire, saka na lang siya bumalik.

Yasay was my roommate. He was studying UP Padre Faura, sa San Beda ako. Right across our room, Billy Dulay of ‘yung BIR pati si Bebot Bello. ‘Yun ang composition ng Gabinete. But, ‘yung sabihin mo bias, hindi ano ng bias yan, you have to produce hard facts.

Maraming namatay dito but prove na ako ang pumatay kung sino. Sabi niya, si De Leila, 1,000. Sabihin ko sa kanya, name the 10th victim. 1,000 man kaya. Isang question ko lang. One question. So there have been about 500. Who was the guy, the 500th who was killed and what day? How it was done?

‘Yan ang gusto ng United Nations. Dito sila, pumunta sila dito. Ako ang mag-cross examine sa kanila. Who was the first victim? Or huwag na lang ‘yan, who was the second, what was the name and where did it happen and how the killing was done?

Itong, ganito. May lecture ako sa’yo. Baka balang araw, may mag-Presidente talaga dito. Sigurado ako niyan. Alam mo ang destiny, the imponderables of life is really, you cannot explain it without money, without the… Almost a moribund party, I won. So one day—Pero kung magtanong kayo sa akin, mag-inom muna ako kasi [Speaks Bisaya]

If you think of a personal satisfaction… We’re not for…
Look, halo-halo tayo. Ilonggo, Moro, Tausug, Maranao, Bisaya, Ilocano, the whole country. We talk in different dialects, different putahe sa pagkain, different aspirations, different dreams. What binds us? Kung wala ‘yan, means nothing to us. Unlike for example, for the Moro. Magsabi kami, sige bahala kayo. Mag-coup d’etat, coup d’etat kayo diyan and we will form our own. Or even historically, hindi naman talaga kami kasali.

1521, dumating si Magellan, ulitin ko ang istorya. Dala-dala ‘yung sovereignty ni King Philip, flag of Spain and he bought with him the cannons and the gunpowders.

In 1521, when he landed in Leyte, Islam was thriving here in Mindanao, for almost 100 years. So they were able to conquer the Visayas because it was not a scattered island, it was not a contiguous one. Luzon nahirapan sila, but because of the gunpowder and the muskets and all, ‘yung mga natives for the first time, hearing the boom, capitulated. But Mindanao, they went farther because Mindanao was and the Visayas maybe, if you look into the archives of the Malaysian history. It includes the Sri Visayas empire including Mindanao, ang pagka-klaro talaga. That is why they took it at that early and established Islam as the religion. But when the Spanish came here, hindi pa masyado. But when the Americans discovered it also, maganda ang lupa, walang bagyo, then targeted nila ang Mindanao.

So that most of the Americans that never returned to America, the soldiers, and ‘yung mga Espanyol and they are called the insulares, those are the Spaniards na nandito pinanganak. ‘Di na sila umuwi doon. The large tracts of lands were in, somewhere in Bacolod, 1,000 hectares, dito Walstrom alam ng taga-Davao ‘yan, Walstrom estate. ‘yang Digos [inaudible]. ‘Yan Digos was the [inaudible] estate. It’s owned by Americans. They distribute it.

So when they came to Mindanao because they wanted to cultivate the land, they could hardly find a worker kasi andito ang Moro. The Moro did not like the Americans because they were introducing… and the Spaniards, Christianity.

Kaya kung dinala na ng… dito ang mga moors ng Spain, eh walang problema kasi Muslim. So ganon ang nangyari. Ngayon ito ang problema. ‘Di talaga natin mapara-para ‘yan.
I had a talk with Murad and he said yes very easily. Because remember that Murad said that they go to war without the BBL. So but we were able – not only me, but everybody interested when they pleaded, alam mo na mag-istorya na lang tayo. And ako, I offered federalism because that’s what they want and even and I thunk the chairman, siya mismo nag-usap kami, “okay na kami Rod sa federalism.”

So Jaafar and the central committee of the MILF agreed. Si Nur was equivocal. Sabi ko, Nur I wanted comprehensive talks diyan sa Jolo and because of the problem sa Abu Sayyaf, Nur really is not sure whether or not kontrolado pa ba niya. And whether he can speak for the Bangsa Tausug. So we leave it that way. Sabi ko sige intay na lang natin.

In the meantime, I will go into a pacification personal drive. Ang anak kong isa, itong asawa ni Pulong, married also a Maranao. The mother and a Tausug father. Isang kulay ‘yan si Lovely. [Speaks Bisaya] So even before I took my oath of office, sabi ko, punta ko doon. I just want to talk to them.

When I was in Basilan, and they crowded ‘yung ano… I was brought doon lang may isang [kamarin?] doon kami nag-usap. Ano ba talaga? Why? Bakit ayaw ninyong makisali? You know if you have the control of the territory, I really don’t mind of what kind of set-up ‘yung negosyo nimo. Because at that time when there was their barter trade between Sabah, wala namang kidnapper, walang patayan. Except the Customs personnel there and some policeman which led to the, ‘yung hostage-taking ng regional commander, ‘nong namatay.

But there was no such thing as a rebellion. Maybe sedition. ‘Yung defiance from, defiance of government authority. Sasabihin ko, ano ba talaga? Then they said, “you know Mayor,” – mayor lang tawag nila sa akin, and it’s… I like it. Sabi niya, “For as long as the Americans are behind you, we will never talk to you.”

So every time… nandiyan man kayong mga kapatid ko na Moro. Nakita kaagad nila ‘yung massacre. ‘Yung dala-dala ko. Kasi sabi ng ANC, if you… Manood kayo ng ANC, there was this Lozada, si Tatad, si… ‘yung mga matatanda na mas bright pa sa atin. Sabihin niya: Wala, sige, Duterte pinakita niyan. That was one century ago.

Alam mo sinagot na ako ng mga Moro niyan, mga bata. Tagal na. Before the, or right after the elections ‘nong nag-usap muna sila. This, sabi ko kasi, matagal na ‘yan eh. This, this is a wound that would never heal. The fight was started one century ago. It’s still going on. That is why we are fighting your government.

Eh kung mag-report ang media, susunod-sunod din sila. “1,000, wala na ‘yan.” Then I am reminded now, bakit itong Middle East, bakit ang Arab galit talaga sa Amerikano, binobomba nila. Doon na sila pinanganak. Considered American citizen. But when they read their history sa genealogy, ang kanilang linya, they would find that once upon a time, the European powers, especially Britain, France, America conquered the Middle East and divided it into nations. And in the process, massacred many Arabs to take control of the territory. Mga Lawrence of, Arabia, marami rin silang ginanon.

Ang akala kasi nitong mga bugok na itong America, Britain, France and the EU, they think it’s past. And now they are active now doon sa human rights. Why? Can it restore the injustice committed against the Moro? Can it restore the bond of ties of friendship with the Arabs?

Ang Amerika, napaka-hipokrito. They went to Iraq on the flimsy excuse of weapons of mass destruction. They killed Saddam, wala palang weapons of mass destruction. Kaya talagang pinapaputok, pinapabayad ‘yan sila. Then they undermined Libya. They hated Saddam. Bakit hanggang Saddam ang nandiyan—because Russia and China are supporting Saddam. I know that because I talked to the Russians and to the Chinese during the Summit. Because we shared the same problem of the atrocities of imperialism.

Ang akala nila makalimutan ‘yan kaagad. At to think that itong hipokritpong Amerika, magsabi sila that Duterte sumakay… Election issue ‘yan ng yellow movement eh. Mga yellow. Alam… and they keep it alive tapos sinakyan naman itong mga, you know, the naïve foreign correspondents, sumakay sila.

Sabihin ko, bakit ko ginawakay Obama?Because Ban Ki-moon mentioned about human rights. But right after his talk, he stood up and extended his hand to me for a handshake. Eh di tinanggap ko lang. But sinabi ko doon, we talked of human rights but before anything else. Gusto kong sabihin sa Amerikano, you started the gross violations of human rights in this country. It has kept the fighting until now because of your violations sa human rights.

Tingnan mo ‘yung pictures na, naka-ganon pa ang sundalo doon sa dibdib, sa suso ng babae. Do we have a—Paka hipokrito naman, before you, they left the country gave us independence kasi hindi talaga nila kaya because we rebelled. Ang last itong si General Luna. [Excuse me] sumibat sila. But they never apologized to us. There is not a single document in this country’s government, in this country that saysthat they are sorry, they were sorry for what they did to my country.

Tingnan mo o, inyo na ito. How could you—Ito ‘yung gusto ko ipakita kay Obama. Ayan o. Saan namin nakuha ito? Sa American archives. Sa American archives. Hindi dito. We do not have a recorded history of that. American… Sila lang ang may camera noon.

‘Nong nabasa ko ‘yung EU, condemnation sa akin. Sabihin ko sa kanila, F*** you. You are doing it in atonement for your sins. Ginawa nilang istrikto, istrikto, dahil may guilt feelings ‘yan sila. Ako dito? Ano, sino, sinong pinatay ko? Assuming it would be true. 1,700. Who are they? Criminals? You call that genocide? Ilan ang pinatay nila? Human Rights? They killed 6,000 women and children.

In Samar, Balangiga, they stole the bell there sa Samar. Ten years old above, pinatay nila lahat. That’s history kasi pag nakita, pag dating ng ano, bakit puro bata dito, walang… The Americans massacred, 10 years old above, pugot ang ulo. Then they stole that Balangiga bell. Ayaw nila isaoli hanggang ngayon. Mga hipokrito itong… You should look into the history books, marami ‘yan, encyclopedia of events.

Tingnan mo pinatay nilang mga ano doon, mga Arabs. Pinaluhod nila. Sila ‘yun eh. Sino? France, Britain. Tapos ‘yung EU ngayon has the gall to condemn me. I say again, I repeat it, f*** you. O.

You know why? EU, America. Tapos I have been, I had the preliminary, I named the generals, police generals, and the mayors and governors and the barangay captain. We are in a war against ourself. There is an internecine thing going on. ‘Di lang ninyo alam, you don’t know because you remain to be stupid. I’m showing you the last and final report. All validated. Sinabi ko, I showed it to media, I said even if I wanted to kill them all, I cannot because of the sheer number. Anong lumabas sa Inquirer? ‘Yang slant. I cannot kill them all, where though it was prefix the word ‘if’ ‘even if I wanted to.’ It was just putting up a– idiomatic ideology. Oh yes, of course. Killing people.

Ito na ang last ko… So paano ko ito makayanan? The Americans wanted me to investigate. Then, investigate, prosecute. I’d like to give a lecture to the American lawyers and to the European… Akala ko ba abogado kayo. In my country, if this is shabu, I have to be in a possession for it, when I am caught. Otherwise if this shabu is placed there but 10 meters away and you arrive into this auditorium, and say it’s yours, it’s not mine. It’s yours they say. It’s not mine. Just like illegal possession of firearms. Pag tinapon mo ‘yan sa dagat, pagdating ng pulis, may baril ka, naghawak ka ng… may baril ka, wala. May hawak ka na baril, oo.

“Kelan?” “Matagal na, isang buwan.” “Nasaan na ‘yung baril?” “Tinapon ko na.”

Pagdating sa korte, sabihin niya sa abogado, “Sabi mo wala kang baril? Totoo ba?” “Yes you honor, may baril ako pero isang taon. Nung nahuli ako naitapon ko na.” So how do you file your case? This is what you would call an instant crime.

Gano’n ang shabu, suspected ‘yung mga Chinese pero pangalan lang. Pagdating ng raid, maski nandiyan o wala, karamihan wala because there were squealers. May judge diyan sa Maynila halos, of the so many cases, almost by the hundreds, there was never one conviction in his sala. T***** mo judge bantay ka sa akin. Ipapatay ta—ay. Totoo.

Kaya I’m stressing this point is kasi walang atrasan. Hindi kayo, since you are the leaders, you tell the people there, maghanap nalang kayo ng ibang—talagang ipapayari ko kayo. Wala akong pakialam diyan sa—but this is grossly an interference, I am fighting criminals here, I am not trying to exterminate the race kagaya ng ginawa sa Serbia, sa Herzegovina. The war in the Balkan states, they were really killing a tribe there just because they are Muslims. They were massacred [inaudible]

Ito, ito ha. Region I: elected official number one: Mayor Reynaldo Flores, high-value target, Naguilian, La Union. Validated. Validated [by the] police, military, and the NICA, and the MIG and the ISAFP. Punta sa boat pabilihan ka. Ang order ko nabilihan ka, tapos nabilihan ka tapos nabilihan ka. Gano’n sa Davao hindi yung sabihin mo nabilhan ka lang tapos patay na. Bilihan mo. Bilihan mo uli. Bilihan mo uli. Paglapit ng pulis, sir magbili tayo. Ay p*****, ikaw ang patayin ko.

Sige palit yung—Niloloko ka eh. Kung ikaw nasa gobyerno, ikaw ‘yung mayor, governor, ginagawa sayo ng gano’n, anak ng.

Kaya ako nung mayor ako talaga, you all know na hindi ako pumapayag ng gano’n. When I became mayor sabi ko get out. Get out of my city, get out of my—pusher or criminals, wala akong pinili gano’n. Mahina ang– si De Leila. I was asked by media one time what will you do if there is a laboratory ng shabu.

I said they will not get out of my city alive may pumunta dito marami wala na kong sabihin but New Year’s Eve 2005 it was Gloria Arroyo who reminded me of the exact year, she was—hanggang alas tres kami kaninang umaga. She came here to just say I am supporting you. Just to show the—sabi ko okay lang ma’am bakit naman ako makulong sinabi ko naman talagang patayin ko sila.

So kayong Human Rights, ayaw ninyo mamatay itong mga criminals? Pumunta kayo dito, bigyan ninyo ng pera at dalhin niyo siya sa labas ng Davao. O ngayon kasing Presidente ako, — dalhin ninyo sa inyo, kayong mga Amerikano kasi pag hindi ninyo dalhin yan mamamatay talaga yan simple lang man yan. Susmaryosep.

Ito si Loot General, nandiyan sa Region I, matagal namin ito pinrepare. Nandiyan sa Region II, nandiyan sa Region III hanggang umabot ng VII. T***** itong Loot na ito,.. kada page. Yun pala ang gago, kung saan siya naassign naglaro eh noon pa man ito eh. May validation—nireview ko ‘to sabi ko…

Meron dito, Michelle Amante, Noel Amante, Ian Amante, Miko Amante, Nilda Amante, Gov. Amante, Iba yun Amante, iba-ibang column. Ah hindi sa droga, sa pagmamahal na naligaw. Mamatay tayo nito. Yung asawa pa naman niya si, kaibigan ko sa—biro lang.

Eh kasi nanalo ako doon. Nandiyan ba si–? Angel my love, where are you? Susmaryosep. Davao merong namatay—there was this clerk of the executive judge dito sa Davao and hindi ako nang-aano kung wala ang judge dito but everytime I see the judge—a warrant is submitted to the court for the authority, wala talagang nangyayari and they could hardly get the—you know Judge Carpio is my fraternity brother pero yung secretary niya, si [Apole?] was pero matagal na to andyan na itong Loot na it ng p*** 12 years ago.

May isa pang city mayor. Kaya I cannot give you the name or even the place but ito yung isa na city mayor, and there was a time I talked to him. Ito p***** ito, lubog ito o ano? May girlfriend ito na municipal mayor.

Kamong mga taga-Visayas alam niyo yan, kayo na lang ang mag-tsismis, wag niyo na ako isali. City mayor ipasok na.. dito konsehal sa Davao, hindi ko talaga sukat akalain na papasok ng gano’n ang ibang abogado dito. Alam mo talaga pagka ganon ang IQ mo talaga mga katorse lang bakit ka papasok ng gano’n na sigurado–? Why experiment on something na— kaya nung nakita ko siya during the last election, he wanted to join, ‘yes of course’ but hindi na bumalik. But at that time he was talking nonsense but I already had an idea of what was happening becaseu fo the police—yung local.

And the last is, ganito ‘yun ma’am eh. There is a drastic drop even sa Maynila, almost 60, 70 percent. Wala na kasing nag-iistambay diyan sa kalye.

My advise to the drug addicts, yung hindi pa nag-ano is lock yourself in your room inside your house. Wag kayong paistambay-istambay diyan sa gabi madi-disgrasya, madi-disgrasya. Sabi ba naman ng EU, “Ah Duterte as a matter of fact he was threatening even before he was elected that he will kill all drug… And that is why when he became President, talagang there were killings.”

P***** ka, istorya mo lang yan. Ginawa ko ibang istorya yan. Look at these idiots, they are using a phrase, a narrative of my speeches before threatening criminals.

Now let me ask you, stupid lawyers of the other country, is there a law in the Philippines that would make it illegal for a mayor, a President or a governor to threaten criminals. ‘Di ba? Unless I name you specifically, kagaya ni Odicta. I named him and his wife.

I read that here in Davao when I was not yet President but when I was President he was killed somewhere in Aklan. O kalayo niyan sa Davao lang ako doon naman…Ba’t mo ako pagbintangan niyan? Itong si [Apole?] iyong ano ni Judge Carpio, binaril. Iyong kasama niya binaril din. Sino ang nagbaril? Baka yang nakauniporme sa likod ninyo. Wala ka namang baril.

Alam mo I don’t carry a gun, I am a peaceful man. Hindi talaga ako nagdadala ng baril. Ano yung daladala ko dito — it’s quite unsettling sa katawan. Pero itong…Kaya ako I’m serious, I’m trying to say you have do your work. Kasi isa ito, sa totoo lang tama rin, I cannot solve it. And that is why I am fond of those who are advocating for the postponement of the barangay elections.

Alam mo ‘yung lahat dito they will try to regain, maggagastos ito and they will still be there. The next election sa national, these are the precursor of narco-politics. Kung wala kang backer na ano diyan bantay kayo it’s either magbata-bata ka na ngayon ng sinong gusto mong batain, bigyan mo ng capital kasi kailangan mo ‘yan, next election, hindi ngayon, not during my watch. Hindi talaga ako papayag. The next election would be narco-politics.

I do not know who will be the President by that time. But I hope he won. This is what I thought…I just came from a military camp in Mawab, nag-chopper lang ako, sinabi ko sa kanila, this is the most serious event in our lives today. And if you are not…If you are not… We are not able to interdict this, we would have compromised this generation and the next, iyong mga anak ng anak ninyo. So delikado talaga because of the horrifying, buong Pilipinas ito. But dito ang kalaban mo it is government against government. So if the governor or the President or the mayor likes money and wants money, wala ng graft and corruption kay diretso na sa kanila gaya ni De Lima, all you have to do is to fund somebody but then I will ask you, is that what you want for your country?

Ako ayokong pumatay. We cannot build a nation over the bones of our country. And we cannot solve what ails this country by killing people. But for this event and for this cause and reason, we will have to do something about it because it will be government against government.

Iyong mga mayors may mga tao sila, may pera, may bodyguard, may 45, ang it will be there to challenge the duly constituted authority. It would now depend on how the mayor or the governor or the President would react to the problem.

Me, I have declared war and I have ordered the police and the military kasi itaas ko yung state of lawlessness to go after them and this is really the guidance. Alam mo kasi, to those who are not lawyers, here is a criminal and here is a police, his duty is to arrest which means to put him in custody of the police. Now he challenges the criminal, I am the police or I am the military, surrender.

If he chooses to fight, sabi ko sa mga pulis, kailangan mapatay ninyo hindi kayo. Nagagalit ako yung isang pulis namatay noong isang araw, but I am losing two policemen a day on the average sa Pilipino.

Ang trabaho ng pulis is not really just to harap-harapan ninyo magsuntukan. Hindi ka gobyerno kung ganun. Ikaw pulis mas ganun yan you must take into custody under your control the criminal dalhin mo yan doon kung may warrant ihatid mo sa judge, kung walang warrant dalhin mo na doon sa punerarya kunin mo yung komisyon mo.

Iyong mga pulis may komisyon yan. Paunahin mo na sila report, may patay diyan. Tapos pagdating ng forensics sabihin ‘wala naman yan, sumabog na ang utak niyan.’ Kaya yung sa Davao alam ko talaga na puputok. Wala tayong magawa eh we have to keep the pressure diyan sa everybody. Swerte na nga tayo na wala nang komunista. But the Abu Sayyaf they remain to be defiant. But marami din tayong patay hindi lang sila.

So the criminals sabi ko, if they resist violently, kill them. Please kill them. Sinabi ko sa mga pulis kapag naunahan kayo leche kayo, pagdating ko doon sipain ko kayo. Anong klaseng pulis ito. Bakit ito ang namatay? Sabi ko huwag kayong — the slightest, the rule now international, kita mo talaga itong Amerikano hipokrito ito p****** niya.

Alam mo mga chiefs of police of Amerika and sa Europe, they have aconvention in New York. The rule no’n was there has to be some kind of a weapon or at least a lethal thing that would inflict death — knives, cloves. Pero ngayon ang rule because of terrorism magkamali ka ng — pagdating ng pulis itaas mo ang kamay, itaas mo talaga yan kaya kung maggalaw ka, magdukot ka ng lisensiya mo pa patay ka. Sa Amerika talaga kapag pinara ka yung kamay mo nandyan na yan. Huwag kang magbunot ng lisensiya kasi babarilin kita.

Amerikano kayo. Dito gawain mo yan hulihin mo tapos babae poposasan mo pedestrian violation, human rights ka. Sa Amerika okay, totoo yan e. Iyong parahin ka babain ka tapos iganun ka, human rights yan nakalista violation. Itong mga ito human rights dito magdating ang mga Amerikano, magsalita mo the [inaudible]. Kaya sabi ko stupido kayo. Sakyan din ng local tapos they stretch it beyond the normal proportion of semantics.

We have a problem. We do not have the sophistication of gadgets, man-to-man lang to. Kaya I hope that I cannot…[inaudible] Ako nanalo ako I cannot seek re-election, I am only good for one term. [inaudible]

Ako I am a friend to anybody. I never indulge in politics but I cannot see you right now because I am still busy putting up the wherewithals of how to make an effective government after that I am ready to receive you but ngayon busy lang talaga ako. I have yet to put up the entire government [inaudible]

Iyong mga iba kasi diyan nag-away at bumabalik-balik ang papel, ito ano ito ni Roxas sabi ko huwag na lang yan. Iyong mgaRoxas, Roxas lalo na kapag makita ito doon sa…Maganda man ito papasukin mo na lang.

Si Roxas lang pala ang nakibang. No, ayoko ‘yang ganun kasi everybody pati si [inaudible] he’s been criticized for taking in guys that mga tao ni Mar. You know if they are bright and they can do the job I didn’t have to…It’s enough that nanalo tayo period. That victory alone is sufficient for your ego. Ego trip lang yan. Politika is an ego trip.

Ako wala na ako doon. Pero ang sabi ko sa military, sabi ko itong drugs is really very serious, it will destroy the country. And I am warning everybody, it’s never, never wrong to say if you destroy my country, I will kill you. Iyon ang binabandera ng human — tingnan mo ka-istupido. It’s your country. There is it, kaya nga e. If you destroy my country, if you destroy the youth of the land, I will kill you.

And it is never a crime to say that. So huwag mo kaming gamitan ng ano, ah sinasabi niya patay. Bakit? Kailan pa naging masama na takutin mo ang…Pero kung sabihin mo sa number two mo na huwag siyang mag-display siya doon sa number 1 kasi masisira talaga ang pamilya mo pati ikaw, pati iyong pulitika mo. Pero yung akin nakatatlo ako wala naman akong nasira. [laughs]

She is a Tausug, si Sunshine ang pangalan. Iyon na lang siguro, iyon ang pinakaimportante na mensahe ko siguro that you have to know. Kayo na lang mag-ano diyan bahala na kayo.

Kayong mga pulis kayo tawagan lang si Apollo. Kaya puro pulis ang mga general. They will understand. And in-adopt nila na linya iyong akin. Kapag sinabi ko do not destroy my country because I will kill you, that is the guidance for them and it is never wrong to say that. It’s never wrong to say do not destroy the youth. The next set of generation and because if I do not destroy you now, I would have compromised the lives of my people. [applause]

Hayaan mo na muna yang ano human rights, human rights. Kasi ginanun ko talaga si Obama o, you know why is there killing? You keep on talking about human rights in the Philippines. There is so much killing here? It’s not really the war that we started. Kayo following the practice of the Spaniards. Sabi ko kayo ang nagsabi niyan may away tayo hanggang ngayon. Sabi nila mayor ka rin and there were a lot of mga Moro dito, kilala man nila ako. Tell them the truth.

Sabi mo ang totoo but that wound is not really healed. Wala nga ako sabi ko even just to say to the Moro people of the Philippines, I am sorry for what happened. Hindi madali ito nandito man sila. Ask them heartily kung ano ang nasa loob nila. Iyan ang problema. So hayaan muna natin.

I called for some leaders tapos sabi ko I send word to the Abu Sayyaf. I am waiting for the reply. But I was able to talk to Nur doon sa release ng…Sabi ko, “Nur, I really do not know where you are now in what level are you in sa among the communities. [inaudible] thank you for your time…” Sinabi ko talaga. Before you die Nur, do something about the problem.

Kasi mahirap dito na ma-carry over na naman sa next generation. Kasi kung hindi natin ito paparahin, our children maybe usually dito ang anak mo yung iba politiko, then your son or your daughter would be the one to solve the problem [inaudible] We are not doing them any favor. [inaudible] Ako I would like to embrace the Moro. Para lang din sa lola ko to seek peace with them. And for you guys, hindi kaya ng pulis ito. Kasi ang pulis talaga rin nako-corrupt e pagdating sa pera e. Bat kailangan mong gastusan? Not really to bribe them. Kasi kulang na rin talaga. Ewan ko kung ano ang nangayari diyan.

Tama naman sana ang bigay but usually down there sa istasyon medyo loose na yan. Para ang tamang chief PNP nila is ang mayor lang. So you take over that ploy because hindi kaya ni Bato na mag-isa. And even the directorates nandyan lang yan. But ang laro talaga operational control which is yours. Meron akong tinanggalan gaya nung sa Albuera and Tommy si Osmeña tinanggalan ko ng…Kasi kinuha na yang sasakyan bigla pati yung mga baril.

Hindi naman ako nagalit, eh Mayor rin ako eh, ginawa natin ‘yan. Sabi ko kay– padalhan mo lang ng masakyan na bago, mag emergency purchase ka at [inaudible] and he came out to explain. But, bilib ako sa kanya, he’s also active in the drug trafficking. Ngayon kung hindi talaga ninyo kaya, andiyan na ang Regional Commander, let them decide. Kung ayaw mo rin na—meron ba talagang tao na ayaw– marami tayong anak, kagaya nung—‘yung first week ang nilagay ko lang talaga yung mga critical.

Maya-maya, may nagsabi sa akin na mayor, ayaw namin diyan eh, ipakita nila ‘yung picture mo na kasamang lumalabas sa– Mga bata man kasali, eh kami nag-utos sama mo ‘yan—‘yung lilipat namin ‘yung pamilya namin sa Amerika. Eh kung ganun, ikaw nalang. And that happened here in Davao City, may isa ditong drug, ang tawag sa kanya nung anti-drug.

And do something and the [inaudible] kinidnap nila ‘yung—hindi naman kinidnap pero dinala sa motel. Pinagtutulungan nila, tapos kinuhaan nila ng video. Kaya nung na-mayor ako pinatay ko talaga ito, apat na ito. Talagang pinatay ko, kasi nga sa ginawa nila. Kaya ‘yung iba—so he can understand pagsabi ko ayaw ko. And let the RD, he will decide what the—alam na niya kung anong gawin niya. Eh RD siya eh andyan siya eh. So do what — ako naman sa lahat, I’m not trying to—mag-negosyo na kayo na mag-negosyo maski illegal, mag-smuggling nang smuggling nalang kayo, tutal si Farldon lang naman kalaban mo, isa pa rin ‘yun. Dito ‘yan, pero huwag talaga droga, kasi pagka-droga sabihin mo sa mga tao ninyo ‘yan na barangay captain, ako na mismo ang [inaudible] and usually depends on [inaudible].

But kung ikaw ang Region Governor ibigay ko sa iyo ‘yun. Ibigay ko sa iyo ‘yung papel, eh Region 1,2,3 ‘yan eh ganun. Ikaw ang governor , bigay ko sa iyo ‘yun. Tapos pag nakita mo ‘yung pentel ko diyan na naka-erase, yung itim, ikaw na ‘yun [laughter].

Buti’t nalang nalaman namin na—tayong—tayong.. timely na nalama namin na nagkamali pala kami sa ‘yung pangalan mo na naka-erase doon, hindi biro lang ‘yan—wala man ako na ano, wala, wala ako, honestly one or two or three. Pero hindi nga dito sa [inaudible]. Walang governor sa listahan niyan, lalo na ‘yung magagandang mayor, exempted ‘yan [laughter]. Sige ha, ma’am, sir, salamat sa—your very [inaudible]. I have to joke and then to be serious another moment [inaudible]. I want it to catch to [] get to do something, I hope I can get the help.

Salamat po.