Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during his talk to the airmen
PAF Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
13 September 2016

Magandang gabi po. Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, General Ricardo Visaya, Lt. Gen. Edgar Fallorina; Lt. Gen. Eduardo Año, the officers, enlisted men and families of the Philippine Air Force, fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

Just sit down. Well, I will be brief. Maybe your commanders will pass the word to you that I am committed to your modernization [applause]. And you will get it, during my time, kasi ‘yung timeline na ipinakita sa amin, akin, was within the timeline of my presidency. Kung buhayin pa ako. Ang problema niyan, baka mahulog, nawala na. No more.

So, if I… in the fullness of God’s time. You’ll get what you want and more. Ganito ‘yan eh. I am not, I said, I repeat my previous speech kanina. I am not cutting alliances with anybody. But just like what has been suggested by your commanders, to which also I believe in, that we should be everybody’s friend.

I do not see any war, ‘yun talagang second or first world war, involving the might of arms. Because kung mangyari ‘yan at this time, there will be no more third world war because it’s going to be the endgame for this planet. So nobody would pull the trigger but we expect a little pocket troubles, maybe here also in our region. But I am sure that it will not really go out of control and it would be limited to nations with their interest in Asia.

Ako, at this time, I said we are not cutting umbilical cords but I would not also want to place my country in jeopardy. Ayaw ko ‘yung mga hostile, na ‘yung pang-away na galaw.

For example, China knows that we are really entitled. Hindi naman… Huwag na tayo magbolahan. Nanalo tayo sa arbitral. So China knows that we have a claim that is legitimate. But the problem is they are also claiming it as a territory.

I would like to make it clear again. Ang ating territorial limits are about 12 miles from the seashores, ‘yung coastal, the low water, the receiving between a high tide and low tide, you begin to count there and to get to the 12-mile limit. That is the territorial integrity of the Republic of the Philippines. Beyond that is our own sariling exclusive economic interest.

Kung baga ‘ika nga, lahat ng bayan niyan meron. Binibigyan lahat. Parang, ‘o ito fishpond mo ‘to. Ito ‘yung mga isda mo, diyan mo…’ At ano ‘yung nasa ilalim niyan, if it’s really oil or gas. ‘Yan ang ibig sabihin. ‘Ito ‘yung fish pond mo,’ kanya-kanya tayong lahat ng… All nations are given that 200 na delineation.

Ito lang China is something which is really… Matagal na ‘yan. Ngayon lang ‘yan pumuputok. But that historical insistence also, to historical property they say, has been there several years panahon pa ng… itong… SEATO pa noon. Used to be itong… ASEAN ngayon. That is the predecessor. ‘Yun na ‘yun, noon pa.

But they just also kept quiet. I do not know because they are now in power and they have the military superiority in this region. Kaya ganon ang labas ng… that is what we call geopolitics — ‘yung politika sa mga region regions ng buong mundo. But I said we have a problem of terrorism and I’m sure naibigay ko naman ‘yung my thoughts to you or at least my guidance to your officers.

You have to learn a little bit, ‘yung sino ‘yung kalaban mo. Kalaban mo dito. It could not be more than 50. Even in Sulu, Jolo. The firefight there would last for about one hour, two hours. And it could not be a team of something like more than 50. Ito ‘yung tatlo, apat. It could be in the urban, it could be in the rural areas. They are in small numbers, highly agile, always suspicious, ganon ’yon. Pag-aralan mo ‘yung profiling. Start to profile ‘yung galaw ng mata, movement, ano ‘yung native dialect niya. Those are the things that you should—

I’m not saying that… for the Moro people. Of course, I am a half-Moro or one-fourth. My mama is a mestiza Maranao. My lola is a Maranao. My lolo Chinese.

So kayong mga Moro diyan. Do not be offended kasi what we’re talking is the Republic against the enemies of the state. It has nothing to do with bigotry or discrimination. Far from it, far from it.

If there’s anybody na i-leche leche mo ‘yung mga Instik diyan. They should be the first one offended. But [inaudible], our talk is limited to the protection of our country.

Now, isang ano pa. And beside, I said, you’ll get—In the pipeline, but… they have, some of you have been… your officers have been to Russia and others to China. The offers are coming in and I hope I would not disappoint anybody there. Huwag natin pag-usapan ‘yung alitan because I am just insisting on our… Ayaw ko kasi na i-criticize ako na ngayon Presidente na ako. I can accept criticism, even blunt ones.

Ang problema kasi noon, mayor ako. At ‘yun na ‘yung binibira sa akin. But it started with politics. Pero totoo ‘yan ‘nong nag-mayor ako, nag-harden talaga ako. Otherwise, walang mangyari sa siyudad ko.

So I said, kayong mga criminal, mga durugista, mga gun for hire, kidnapping, kidnapping araw-araw, sabi ko: “Hintuan na ninyo ‘yan kasi pag hindi kayo huminto o umalis dito sa siyudad ko papatayin ko kayo.” Eh talagang hiniritan ko. Wala akong ano—talagang hiniritan ko, na doon criticize, okay lang. You know, because mayor lang ako eh. But ngayon Presidente na ako, you should be careful.

If you want to attack me or to lecture on me. Do not do it in public. Just what like isang presidente, pati si UN—You know when you lecture on me, nagagalit ako and what is highlighted is actually ‘yung reaksyon ko. Hindi ‘yung ginawa nila sa akin. Because first… una, dito, politika ‘yan eh. ‘Yung tumatakbo na ako na president. Pero totoo ‘yun, hindi ko dine-deny. Ang sinasabi ko lang, do it the proper way.

If you want to criticize me, you bring the matter to the United Nations. Tapos tawagan nila ang atensyon ko, then I will answer, maybe in writing or send somebody there if I cannot go there personally.

Huwag naman ‘yung basta… Because hindi mo ako bata-bata. Hindi mo ako empleyado. Kaya pag ka ginanon mo ako, ang resbak ko sa’yo is talagang minumura kita. Who are you to lecture on me?

May problema ako dito, sabi ko nga, there is about, sabi ng PDEA noon, ni General Santiago, three million. Ngayon dito sa atin by the hundreds of thousands, kung ‘yun ang dagdag sa three million, it’s about 3,700,000 addicts which I have to worry until I die.

Biro mo naman ‘yan. Milyon. And you know, I am operating on this budget, because this budget was, ‘nong isang taon pa ‘yan. It is really the budget of Aquino. It was not prepared by me and he prepared it the other year. Who would have foreseen? Sino ba naman may akala sa panahon ko, ‘nong inipit ko na lahat. Lumabas na, piniga kong, piniga ko ang mundo ko sa Pilipinas. Naglabasan na dito ‘yung mga—pag ganon ko, lumabas na.

Totoo. Nakita mo naman ang nag-surrender. So where do I place them? Sabi, “Si Duterte bakit niya patayin, hindi niya i-rehab?” Saan ako hahanap ng rehab? Ang Air Force, may budget sarili akin. Wala naman budget for rehab na for the so many thousands na tinamaan. Because it’s not in the budget of this year. So coast along lang muna ako. ‘Yung mga pari, nagtutulong-tulong. Salamat naman.

But you know, ‘yung ano ha. This might outlast me, or me interdicting it and putting it to stop. Ang hingiin ko lang sa inyo, kayong mga sundalo ng Pilipinas, kung it will outlast me at nandiyan pa ‘yan, wala na ako, bilang lang naman ang isang President, I would just like to ask you a favor. Huwag ninyong hayaan na talagang itong country will take a deep spin and because you will compromise our children and their children, ‘yung mga apo ninyo. So ‘yan lang ang hingin ko.

Maski na sabihin ninyo wala kayong sundin sa style ko, it’s okay, that’s no problem actually. But what I’m just asking you is that if it will outlast me, kung mamatay ako at hindi ako nakatapos, or for any reason or whatever, then ang hingiin ko lang sa inyo, from your commander to, isa lang: Huwag mo lang hayaan ang… kawawa ang Pilipinas pagka ganon. Kawawa talaga. And the reason why wala akong magawa sa mga ito because pumasok ang pulis, pumasok ang huwes, pumasok ang pulitiko.

‘Yang sa Quezon kay Alcala, publicly sabihin ko sa’yo totoo ‘yan. Ginanon ko lang kasi alam mo, marunong mag-maneuver. Hayaan mo muna, sabi ko, para i-timing mo. Kasi kung malaman nila ‘yon, wala kang makuha niyan because of their connections: mayor dito, governor. And to think na kung hindi ako nag-Presidente, hindi mo masita ‘tong mga ‘to.

Mayor? Ay sus. Puro bodyguard, puro pulis, puro mga hoodlum. Eh pati ‘yung pulis, takot. Eh kung unit ka lang diyan. It was not counted.

Sabi ko sa kanila, nagmura ako, “bigyan ko kayo 24 oras kundi patayin ko kayo.” ‘Yung panahon nakita natin tatakbo-takbo sila, pawis-pawis. Kung hindi ako nag-mayor, hindi mangyayari ‘yun. Maniwala ka.

And I’m not trying to pull my own chair, I’m not saying na the only one pero karami. Pero yung kami ‘yung sa stage, ni isa doon wala pa. Sabi tang ina. Harap-harapan? At saka ‘yung pagsabi, patayin mo, kung ‘di patayin kita.

Eh hindi madala eh. Pagdating doon sa fiscal, dropped, pagdating doon sa judge, dropped ang kaso, acquitted. Anak ng. Dito mayor, hindi mo mahuli. Hoy kayo, meron pa ako, ganon kakapal. I have the third round and final round validation, tapos na. Ganon kakapal. Ganon kakapal, isipin mo ilang pulis pati ilang ano diyan.

Pag hindi ko nabasa ‘yan, sabi ko, if it will outlast me, then I’ll leave you a legacy of the list of persons you have to take care of. Pag hindi ninyo nadala ito ng maayos na pakiusap, bahala na kayo, alam na ninyo kung anong gawin ninyo. Then restore order, restore sanity in this country.

Kaya dito ganon eh. Paborito ka, kalaban ka, bibira-birahan ka. Ang unang nasabi mo, nakalimutan. Pinag-usapan, drugs. Pasok itong mga kolumnista, mga newspaper, pasok itong mga TV, mga [inaudible], akala mo naman mas marurunong pa sa iyo.

Well anyway, ‘yan ang pakiusap ko. Train, mag-retraining kayo sa ating ano– pati ‘yang bakbakan. But I said, I will be acquiring more arms. Pero ‘yung inyong traditional na modernization, ‘yun na ’yon. ‘Yun na ’yon. Tapos magpagbili ko pa ‘yung ibang lupa na gobyerno na, if I can raise money. Then gusto ko na magkaroon tayo ng 5,000 fighters para ‘yun ang ipanlaban na natin sa tao na mismo, ibunggo mo na. Tapusin mo. Hindi na armas-armas ‘no. Ihulog mo doon sa kanya.

Well anyway I said, you have my support and give me time. You will notice in your pay sa August, nandiyan na ‘yung increase ninyo, doubled ‘yung salaries ninyo. [applause]

As I’ve lectured kanina, you have the MRI, you have the baric. The baric is the one that’s important sa battlefield. If you are not extracted immediately doon sa front, and you have a wound which is already bluish na– Ang sabi ko kay Delfin, make—pati ‘yang eroplano, ‘yung Presidential plane, gamitin ninyo ‘yan to ambulance.

Kung wala kayong panahon na ayusin ‘yan, eh ‘di paupuin mo lang diyan, sirain mo ‘yang dalawang upuan, pahigain mo diyan. Use the Presidential plane sa… ako okay na ako sa PAL pati Cebu Pacific. Okay man ‘yan, mas safe diyan pati kapkap. Okay man lahat, I mean I do not see any danger there sa—

Kasi ang China nagsabi daw they are worried of me, kaya nagku-kuwan na magbigay ng eroplano ko na, ay susmaria, ‘yan na.

Baka walang fuse ‘yang isa, puputok ‘yung isa, tapos na ta– They’re also thinking of the other guy. Alam mo na… ganon kasi, hindi ako. I am not anti-American. I said, we are not severing our ties, military ties. Nandiyan ‘yan eh. Who am I to abrogate a treaty?

What I’m just saying is we’ll just follow an independent— kung gusto natin magbili dito, kung libre ito, bakit hindi natin kunin? Kaibigan din, eh salamat.

O dito, “mayor ito regalo namin sayo na erioplano,” “Sige. Bigay ko sa Air Force, sige gamitin ninyo ‘yan kasi bahala na kayo diyan, inyo na ‘yan.”

So that is it. It’s almost five billion plus. ‘Yung–sabi ko kay ano, isang command na lang ‘yung medical services. Isang command na lang sa—wala na ‘yung separate-separate kasi magbayaran-bayaran pa kayo, magulo.

Tsaka I want a clearer line there sa ano kasi, lastly, two minutes. Alam mo ang nakasira sa bayan natin? Alam mo nakasira sa bayan natin? Sabi ko, para tayong nasa runway naga-ganon.

Tang ina, ang piloto, sige lang, nagsabi na ‘yung tower, lift ka na lift. Eh hindi maka-lift, korapsyon. Korapsyon. Taas pati baba. Dito, pagdating niyan sa Immigration, sa Customs, una na. Sabi ko, susugpuin ko kayo sa panahon—hindi kayo.

But I’m telling everybody: Do not do it in my time because I promised the Filipino a clean government. It will be a clean government. Wala talagang korapsyon, lahat na. Pati ‘yang exemption of taxes na waiver ng bilyon sa taas. Bilyon ang laro nila dito, maniwala kayo.

We have a receivable from an energy plant of seven billion. Ni-waive. For what reason? I really do not know. And only one man can waive it. Seven billion, i-waive mo, for what? So walang bayaran dito, basta mayaman, wala. Lusot ‘yang mga eroplano.

Everybody will just have to behave. Wala tayong problema because kayo, regimented to behave. Ang korapsyon sa gobyerno ang naka— Hayaan mo, tingnan mo, makapatay ako ng isa, dalawa, o tatlong direktor, titino itong putang inang bayan na ‘to.

Well anyway, it’s time to eat and I may join you but I cannot stay long because I have some members of the Cabinet to also to—

Alam mo, hanggang umaga ako. Alas-dos, alas-tres ‘yan. Kaya kung magturo kayo, mag-Presidente ka— hay naku. Gawain ka lang clerk. Pag buhay ko sa gabi, nandoon sa kwarto. Eh alam naman ninyo yan. Nakapatong ‘yung folder ng Department of Labor, Department of Foreign Affairs, tapos mag-annotation siya. Okay ‘yung marginal, dito binabasa mo na. ‘Yan. Pagdating doon sa Palasyo, ilang kwarto, ganon-ganon ka. Abot ka ng—kagabi alas dos ako.

Kaya anong makuha mo? Wala. Sige lang lipad doon lipad. Ba-bye. Punta ka ng mga kampo, dito. ‘Yan ang trabaho ng Presidente. Ganon.. Naku wala na, kapoy masyado.

Ang sweldo ko P130,000, crossing the barge ka lang. Mas mabuti pa ‘yung nag-ganun ng barge may karga, may kita ka pa. tang inang ‘yan. Tsk. Mali. Pero were it not for, I said–

Kung wala ‘yan, and I’m out of office, ba-bye. Oo, totoo, ba-bye. Kayo na lang diyan. Kaya lang I think that it is the will of God. Wala akong partido, wala akong pera but I think God wants me to do something. Gusto ng Diyos na ‘wag ka munang mag-retire, mamatay. ‘Yung Air Force, ayusin mo muna. At ayusin natin, you’ll have it. Magandang gabi po.