President Duterte to Communists: Show sincerity in the peace talks

Hagonoy, Davao del Sur— President Rodrigo Duterte encouraged the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), on Wednesday, July 5, to show its sincerity to continue the peace talks between the government and the communists.

“I have to talk to the communists but this time I hope you do it in a modality that is sincere,” the President said during his visit to the 64th founding anniversary of Hagonoy in Davao del Sur.

President Duterte highlighted that the communists and the government must stop threatening each other.

“We are all Filipinos…you know every time I see a dead soldier or a dead NPA, I feel sorry because we’re Filipinos and we are fighting an issue as a matter of principle,” he said.

The Chief Executive underscored that nothing beneficial would come out of the exchange of threats between the government and the insurgents.

“You do not just withdraw because we cannot agree on a certain agenda in the — You sulk and then disappear, and then come back wanting to talk. Hindi ko naiintindihan. Ang raming problema,” he said.

President Duterte meanwhile reassured the public not to fear the implementation of martial law in Mindanao as he “would not allow” abuses by security forces.

“Rest assured there will be no abuses in times like this. I will not allow it,” the President said.

The Chief Executive said the crisis in Marawi made him declare martial rule to eradicate terrorism which is “much worse” than the communist insurgency.

“Although the fighting is winding up, maybe we need more time to clean the place,” Duterte said.

President Duterte added that the public could rely on the military and police who are “well educated and well aware of their duty to the Republic and the Filipino people.”

The President meanwhile encouraged the local government of Davao del Sur to make its province more competitive.

“You have to make your province and municipality competitive. And if you want to make it a city, there are certain requirements of your income plus population but more than just standards, you have to have something more,” Duterte said,” noting that while mining is a source of income for the province, they also have to ensure that the environment is not neglected.

“Ako, wala akong problema sa minahan except that whether you like it or not, basta may minahan, may destruction. The only thing you can do for environment is to lessen or mitigate it to its lowest descent. Pero kung may mamimina sa lupa tapos gagamitan ng chemical to extract the ore, gold, whatever, there’s always the damage of contamination,” he said.

The President also encouraged the people of Davao del Sur to engage more in food production, particularly in aquaculture.

“Food’s gonna be really expensive in the coming generations. Pag mauna kayo diyan, kasi nandiyan lang ‘yung dagat malapit sa inyo, aquaculture,” he said.### PND