President Duterte boosts cops’ morale amid ongoing war on drugs, 11 Oct. 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte visited on Monday (October 10) Police Regional Office 9 in Zamboanga City to show solidarity with policemen in the ongoing government war on illegal drugs.

“Kaya ako dumaan dito to show my camaraderie with you,” the President said in a speech before the policemen.

He said he was happy to personally visit law enforcers in Zamboanga City.

The President instructed law enforcers to do their job well by arresting suspects or subduing them if they show resistance.

But he reminded police officers to always think of their safety during police raids because they are facing violent individuals.

The Chief Executive also warned “ninja cops” or those officers involved in illegal drug trade, reiterating his offer of a P2 million reward to anyone who could identify policemen connected to narcotics trafficking.

At the same time, the President also expressed his dismay over groups such as bishops complaining about deaths in the administration’s war against illegal drugs.

Noting that he is losing two policemen a day all over the country in the ongoing anti-illegal drug war, he said the drug problem must be confronted head-on.

According to the President, he takes time to visit dead policemen in different areas not only to condole with their families but also to show solidarity because of the high public expectation to stop the problem as soon as possible.

The drug problem in the country is so huge that it needs drastic action and pausing at this time would be devastating for the nation especially for the next generation of Filipinos, he stressed.

The country is now breaching the four million mark in the number of drug addicts comparable to that of Indonesia, the President said.

He noted that the country’s drug addiction problem is even worse than Indonesia even though the latter has bigger population and land area. PND