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PBBM to US OFWs – Continue to be relentless champions of PH

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Saturday recognized the contributions of the Filipino community in United States to both their host country and the Philippines as he rallied for support his domestic reform agenda.

“In behalf of our countrymen back home, I appreciate the remittances that you have sent, and continue to send. Personal remittances over— ganito na kalaki, 2.2 percent rose— bawat taon umaakyat, umaakyat” President Marcos remarked during a meeting with the Filipino community in Los Angeles, California.

“What you have helped our country and people weather some of the most difficult global and regional financial and economic crisis in— for many, many years has been invaluable and for that we cannot thank you enough,” he said.

Aside from their remittances, Marcos asked them to encourage their families and friends to visit and invest in the Philippines, adding that it is the best time to visit the country especially to those who have not been to the Philippines for a long time.

Marcos said the government has introduced a lot of improvements and innovations, making a visit to the country’s various tourism sites probably one of the best experiences one could have coupled with incomparable Filipino hospitality.

And as he dreams of one day making working overseas just one of many options available to Filipinos, Marcos asked those in the US to continue backing his administration.

“We cannot make this dream come true all by ourselves, we need your support and we know that you will gladly walk, and continue working with us in realizing our goal. After all, your love for our country and people has not been extinguished by the years that you’ve spent away from our motherland. ” he said.

“So, help us realize this dream. Continue being the ambassadors that you have been for our Filipino culture and relentless champions of the Philippines as a tourism, trade, and investment destination in Asia.”

Marcos also asked them continue to proudly claim and celebrate their Filipino identity and heritage – teach them to their children and grandchildren.

Filipinos must also continue to be ambassadors of goodwill for the country and people, especially in light of hate crimes and incidents being committed against some members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, he said.

Marcos assured them that the Philippine Embassy and Consulates in the United States will continuously monitor these reports, and will provide assistance to those affected, in cooperation with US authorities.

There are approximately 4.4 million Filipinos in the United States, with majority residing in Southern California, making this geographic spot in the world the home of the biggest Filipino diaspora in the US and outside the Philippines.

Filipinos frequently rank high in terms of income and educational attainment, based on many U.S. Census statistics, emphasizing their influence both in the US and the Philippines. PND