News Release

PBBM names tax lawyer Romeo Lumagui Jr. as BIR Commissioner

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has appointed Romeo Lumagui Jr. as commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Lumagui, a tax lawyer, took his oath on Tuesday, November 15. He previously served as deputy commissioner for the BIR prior to his new appointment.

Lumagui has been designated to various posts and functions, such as technical assistant to the commissioner, and tax fraud head for Revenue Region No. 6, Manila, Revenue Region No. 4, Pampanga, and Revenue Region No. 7B, East NCR.

The tax lawyer has also been designated to the project management and implementation service, which develops and oversees the implementation of the overall reform or modernization program of the BIR.

Lumagui headed several task forces to boost collections, such as the Assets Recovery Task Force, where total collections amounted to PHP833.69 million, and the Task Force on Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing and Investment Scams, where assessments totaled PHP792.56 million both in just a span of around one year. (PND)