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PBBM commends Solaire for showcasing excellent Filipino hospitality to the world

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. commended Solaire on Saturday for showcasing excellent Filipino hospitality to the world in the last ten decades, making tourists return and appreciate what more the Philippines can offer.

In his speech during the Solaire Resort North opening ceremony in Quezon City, President Marcos said that aside from the best tourist destinations here in the Philippines, it is the warmth that Filipinos give that keeps bringing visitors back, making our country distinct and unique.

“More than the best tourist destinations here in the Philippines, it is our people that keeps bringing tourists back. Our smiles, our generosity, [and] our excellent hospitality,” President Marcos said.

The President was accompanied by First Lady Louise Araneta-Marcos during the opening ceremony.

Reminiscing how Solaire’s Resort Entertainment City has set a standard for high quality service and tourism promotion, the President believes that with the opening of the Solaire Resort North, it will further improve the country’s position in the hospitality sector, that will make significant impact in the country’s tourism and economy.

“I am certain that Solaire Resort North is with us in our desire to capitalize on this strength further to improve our position in the global hospitality sector,” he said.

The President thanked the people that made Solaire Resort North possible and for believing in the country’s potential for their business and for continuously helping in nurturing the Filipino identity.

“You are a living proof that we have what it takes to succeed, and your work shows us what it truly means to ‘Love the Philippines’,” he said.

The President also hoped that Solaire will continue to work with the government in reaching beyond the shores, attract people more, and make them see the country’s worth and competency by making each visit safe, rewarding, and memorable for all.

“We want them here, visiting our islands, investing in our businesses, spending their hard-earned money by having fun and having the best time of their lives here in our country. It is our mission to let the entire world know that the Philippines is open for tourism, for business,” President Marcos said.

“So, as we open the doors of Solaire Resort North, let us also open our arms to the world, inviting them to experience the warmth and beauty of our country, and Solaire Resorts North will certainly play a very, very big part in that. So, let us show them that we are ready to embrace the opportunities that they offer us, and I am confident the world is also ready to embrace us back,” he added.

Solaire Resort is run by Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, headed by Enrique K. Razon, Jr. It has been long-contributing in the country’s revenue and been offering jobs to thousands of Filipinos. | PND