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PBBM calls on APEC to forge stronger economic, technical cooperation to ensure affordability, accessibility of green energy solutions

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Thursday called for stronger economic and technical cooperation to ensure that green energy solutions are accessible and affordable to all.

In his intervention during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Informal Dialogue and Working Lunch at Moscone Center in San Francisco, President Marcos said the bloc’s work must reflect a historical climate injustice for those that are least responsible suffer the most.

“APEC can contribute to a trade and investment environment that assists economies in cutting emissions, facilitating climate financing, and supporting technology transfer, especially for the most vulnerable economies. Technology diffusion ensures that green energy solutions are accessible and affordable to all,” President Marcos said during the informal dialogue that tackled sustainability, climate, and just energy transition.

“In this regard, I call for stronger economic and technical cooperation. Let me end by saying that regional cooperation, structural reforms, and capacity building will be even more critical as we advance toward our sustainability and inclusivity goals.”

According to him, the current economic climate presents APEC economies with several opportunities to drive peace, prosperity, and resilience in the region and the global economy.

He commended the U.S. for sparking critical discussions warranting commitment and for its excellent chairmanship of APEC this year, bringing economies closer to a sustainable and resilient future.

During his intervention, Marcos said the key to addressing the high cost of green technology is cooperation in its development, liberalization of the sector, and facilitation of green trade and investment.

The President also cited the use of science, technology, and innovation and cooperation in research in lowering the costs of development, enhance the quality of technologies, and expedite climate mitigation solutions.

The transition for both energy security and environmental protection and preservation in line with the climate goals must be done in a way that is just, inclusive, sustainable, and affordable, he said. PND