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PBBM awarded climate, human mobility recognition by int’l migration organization—DENR Secretary

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. was awarded with climate and human mobility recognition by an international office for migration along with the President of Sudan for their achievements in handling human mobility and migration as a whole, Environment Secretary Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga announced on Thursday.

“During the COP (Conference of Parties 28 in Dubai), we were called to the global climate mobility pavilion. Ito po ay isang pavilion together with the international office for migration recognizes achievements in terms of migration and how we are handling human mobility as a whole,” Loyzaga said in a press briefing in Malacañang.

“So, si President Marcos actually received an award for his role in climate mobility and in human mobility in particular together po sila ng President of Sudan. So, we were together with the Minister of Environment of Sudan as well to receive these awards. So, dala-dala po namin iyong award for the President,” Loyzaga said.

The issue on human mobility and migration cropped up during the briefing as the country secures a seat in the Loss and Damage Fund Board, which could give vulnerable countries a voice in global discussion and financing for those affected by climate change.

According to Loyzaga, the Philippines will be pushing for some type of sensitivities to be reflected in the board’s guidelines such as land area loss, total biodiversity and ecosystems destruction, species losses, and extinction threat, in which the Philippines is particularly vulnerable.

“For us po at this point, we are very conscious about migration and how some countries are needing in fact to manage to retreat away from the sea but also to retreat to other countries wherein they might have to find new places to live. So, these are areas, which are among our priorities for the Philippines,” she said.

The Loss and Damage Fund, which is a new financing scheme, has $792 million so far in current pledges.

The COP however has other funds as well – $6.8 billion for energy; $61.8 billion, financing; and $8.7 billion, lives and livelihood. PND