News Release

China’s ‘regulation’ to detain trespassers in WPS unacceptable – PBBM

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. condemned on Saturday the reported regulation of the Chinese government authorizing its coast guard to detain foreigners they perceived as trespassing in the West Philippine Sea.

On the sidelines of the signing of alliance between the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) and Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) in Makati City, President Marcos said China’s regulation is unacceptable for the Philippines.

“That kind of action would be completely unacceptable to the Philippines,” President Marcos said.

“I do not talk about operational details, but the position that we take is that it’s unacceptable and we will take whatever measures to always protect our citizens,” he added.

The Chinese government has been reported to have issued the regulation after the recently concluded civilian resupply mission to Filipino fishermen in WPS. PND