Duterte vows to equip army to fight well
, 04 Oct. 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte has pledged to provide the military with more firearms for protection in the fight against illegal drugs and criminality.

During his visit to the Philippine Army headquarters on Tuesday, October 4, President Duterte reiterated his resolve to end the country’s problem on illegal drugs but ensuring that no soldier or policemen would be killed in the process.

”In my time, you’d have everything you need to fight effectively. You have no problem with me. You have priority in government spending just do your duty because I know how hard it is to keep the peace of the country and to protect its integrity,” he said.

“It’s a very difficult job. It’s a very tall order that’s why I asked [Defense Secretary] Delfin [Lorenzana], buy as many Barretts as possible. We’re doing well with the long-range thing and Kevlar,” he added.

The President even quipped that he would want to provide each soldier with two pistols just to make sure that they defeat their enemies.

The 120,000-strong military force will be equipped with Glock 30 .45 caliber pistol.

“Until the last pusher is out of the streets, this campaign will continue even if it will cost me my life, my honor, and even the presidency itself,” the President said.

Seeing the gravity of the drug problem, Duterte again urged the soldiers to continue the government’s relentless fight against illegal drugs to save the next generation of Filipinos.

“I’m not asking for loyalty, I’m not even asking for nice words. But in case I go, before the problem is solved, or if the problem would outlast me, you have seen the monster that has four million, scattered all over the country, it will destroy the country forever,” he said.

“If it would outlast me: kindly take care of your country. Finish this problem,” he added. PND